What a Week!

This lil’ getaway has done me a world of good.  I have had a wonderful time reconnecting with my oldest (in every sense of the word, LOL!) and dearest friend, Karen.  We have stayed up late sharing secrets and solving all of the problems in the world.  We have also made many, many friends here and I hope we can come back to this beautiful place again.  I love the beach!

2:6:16 beach food

Karen ate some fried food at this beachside snack shack in a bikini.  I am not sure what part of that is the bravest, but you go, girl!

I am glad Karen was here with me because I have been forced to face some hard truths this week.  While I am perfect, and my marriage is perfect, Röbert is not perfect.  He is cheap and can be selfish.  He does not spend enough time with our beautiful children.  He is not wealthy. He prefers mountains to the beach and he makes me do yucky stuff like canoeing.   He is terrible at buying jewelry for the woman he loves. He does not own a second home.  He has no understanding about why cheap shoes are terrible and no one should own any.

I know that it will be an absolutely devastating blow to him, but when I return home this afternoon I am going to let him know that I would like to try to live separately for the time being.  He can stay in the rental condo and I will continue to live in our beautiful home while he figures out how to become a better, more generous, wealthier person.  And while he is at it, I am sure he will enjoy getting to spend much more time with the kiddos.

So while my lil’ vacay in paradise is ending, it is also a new beginning for me.  And this new beginning is one that I am very excited about!

Wish me luck, because I am about to soar!

17 thoughts on “What a Week!

  1. Nevaeh and Brecken's Mommy

    LahLee you are an inspiration. A lesser woman would stay In an unhappy marraige for security #brave #nowisnow #youdoyou


  2. SoloParentLadyCoder

    Now that you are on your own you will have to figure out a career? Have you thought about coding? It’s very inspirational for Sterling and her friends to see that a beautiful, thin, popular woman can still be tech-savvy. Deb Bootcamp will get you into coding shape in no time! I just loved my time there (and they have yoga!).


  3. Ms Chic

    Lah Lee, you are such an inspiration! Your patience and fortitude in the face of Röbert’s shortcomings is awe-inspiring! You’ve given him everything: a toned, eye-candy wife with soooo many interests, a beautiful home, three adorable children, and the best years of your flirty life. Now it’s time for Röbert to give back. You go, girl!


  4. Equestrian Pilates Mama

    Lol, I didn’t know they made bikinis in Karen’s size!

    As for you leaving Robby, I am so shocked. You always both seemed so happy. Have you managed to get hold of Stefan to let him know the news? Or even Mitch?


  5. Furmama

    It is so important to be brutally honest with others and tell them what they need to know. Roebert may not want to hear what you have to say but eventually he will recognize your wisdom!


  6. Anxious fan

    I am worried. You haven’t posted for two days. I’m hoping that is because you are Home with your lil angles and too blissfully happy to bother about us fans, but I would like to be reassured.
    Are you ok? Did the littlies welcome you with open arms? How did Bobbit take the news?



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