Another Day in Paradise

I have barely gotten a chance to even look at my phone all week, but I did text Röbby on Wednesday to let him know that I would be picking the kids up at school today.  After all, that is what he had planned to do last week, and fair is fair.  Unfortunately, I was still at this beautiful beach resort, so I wasn’t able to make it for carpool, so I left a message for him five minutes before school was dismissed.  I guess I thought that is how we handle the school pick up, based on experience.

I spent most of today enjoying the beautiful beach while Karen took windsurfing lessons.  She and Ted have been spending a lot of time together and I haven’t seen her so happy in years.

I met group of women at the spa here and we have been getting together for long runs and surfing.  We are going to a fun lil’ beach bar for cocktails tonight.  I can’t even believe I have to go home tomorrow.  This week has just flown by!

2:6:16 coverup

I spent a lot of time in that hammock this week!

I miss my littles but I have been reminded how important it is to take a lil’ me time.  I hope Röbert has enjoyed his special time reconnecting with his bebes!

16 thoughts on “Another Day in Paradise

  1. flutterbudget

    I feel like you aren’t ready to head home yet! You might lose all the progress that you have made. You should look into extending your break! P.S. I hope that your groom wasn’t able to trace your text. Wouldn’t want him crashing in on your respite retreat!


  2. Mrs. Rothschild

    Lah, you have a bangin’ bod, so why are you photoshopping yourself? In the last post, your right arm is missing a chunk, and in this one, your right ankle looks like a shark took a bite out of it.:-( What I really love about your blog is how real and authentic you are. Please don’t change that.


    1. Lolee's Editor

      Yes! I am so glad we are finally having this conversation. It’s totally obvious LahLee shoppes ALL of her photos. It’s been the elephant in the room for ages.

      Just like her painted on make-up. We know that shit ain’t “natural beauty” and you aren’t fooling ANYONE, Lol-lee.


  3. Hill-baby

    Why go home? It should be at least 3 more weeks before the bill comes in. Why not stay longer? LahLee has got to take care of LahLee, am I right?


  4. Rodan

    Um, you look amazing! Seriously lovely. Who even knew that was possible in tie-dye?
    You can’t go back yet. You need more relaxation, and airplane air is so hard on the skin.


  5. NotaCatLa

    You may not know, but I am a lawyer. You need to deal as you are dealt and never give any ground. If the kiddos suffer, well, they do it for you. Make Bobby baby take full responsibility. Then you get them all he doesn’t want and the child support to match.



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