Taking a Tour

It was Ted, the windsurfing instructor’s day off today so he took Karen and me on a tour of all the local hotspots.  I kind of felt like a third wheel, but Karen begged me to come.  I must say, this is a beautiful place and Ted is a wonderful guide.

We went to a gorgeous place out on a point.  The surf was so rough and the scenery was so rugged.

2:6:16 wave

Do I look fat?  Does the surf make my hips look big?

After lunch Karen and Ted dropped me off and went to spend the afternoon together.  I am not sure where he is from but I think he must be foreign.  I spent the afternoon by the pool and catching up with some reading.  There was a very thought provoking article about the Duggars in “Us Weekly”.  The Duggars; They’re just like us!  LOL!

This lil’ getaway has been so good for my mental health.

14 thoughts on “Taking a Tour

  1. veganishmama

    Long time reader, first time poster! Lah Lee, I just had to comment on two things – 1. I’m so happy to see you indulging your spirit. You deserve every minute! and 2. Are you sure you should be spending so much time in the sun? Your eyes are looking a little …. off… maybe you should sneak in a massage or two till they adjust?


      1. Cindy McCain

        Well, I recently learned that opioids cause constipation (since I have little to NO experience with those myself I had to glean my knowledge through commercials). Perhaps the food is moving a little too slowly through you causing you to absorb extra calories. Really consider the cleanse idea, my dear, you know abs start in the kitchen. Also cleanses are a good way to sort of SHOCK your system into compliance. Kind of like punishment to a baby. It wakes them right up and sets them right onto the correct path of shedding extra fat immediately!


  2. RodanFields

    You look amazing! Completely ripped. It’s obvious you haven’t eaten a bite since yesterday. Keep it up!
    Narcotics don’t have calories right?


  3. Big Fan

    Lol, I can’t see the Duggars in those gorgeous bikinis!
    Glad you finally decided to get some ‘me’ time, after all you have suffered recently. You deserve it, you give so much and so selflessly!
    Are the little angles staying at your town place with daddy?


  4. HotWifeSuperMom

    Lah Lee, did you ever see that documentary with Claire Danes about the drug running? I’d watch out for ol’ Teddy if I were you and Karen. He might try and slip a lil’ something in your suitcase to take across the border. Foreigners are usually on drugs.



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