Finally Feeling Relaxed

This morning I woke up with a tiny my grain.  Karen and I went to a bar on the beach last night and I had a couple of mangotinis.  We decided we would go down to the beach to see if some sun and a quick nap would help us both feel better.

After a quick liquid breakfast we were just heading out when we got a phone call from the front desk.  We had apparently scheduled windsurfing lessons on our way home, and then we completely forgot about them.  We raced down to the lesson cabana and the instructor was the cute young guy who Karen had been talking to at the bar!  LOL!  That explains a lot!  I am already a wonderful windsurfer so he got to concentrate on my friend and she is finally able to stand up on her  board.

2:6:16 wind

Do I look fat?  Do I?

Tonight I am staying in and catching up with CNN, Fox News and the Bachelor.  I have missed so much in world affairs while rediscovering myself here, and Karen has a date with a certain young man who teaches windsurfing.  I might even have a lil’ in-room massage.  I am sure that is what Röbby would want me to do.  Maybe that is even why he called 36 times today.

12 thoughts on “Finally Feeling Relaxed

  1. jumped the sheep

    Aren’t you a teensy bit worried about how much all of this is going to cost? I’m sure Robert wants you to relax completely and rediscover yourself after such a nightmarish year that you just went through but what with the cost of a second home and everything and Robert’s penchant for being a bit of a penny picker, aren’t you at all worried?

    And no, you do not look fat. You look fabulous.


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      I decided this time I am finally going to think about me and not worry about the cost. Röbert has no idea that this card exists and we can worry about the cost after he gets the bill next month.


  2. Angela Talangelo

    I hope you reminded your bestie to give windsurfer Fabio YOUR cell phone number for follow up social-media PDA… Stalking stalkers before they have a chance to stalk others can really weed out the creepers. Safety first!!


  3. RodanFields

    Those island guys like their ladies a teensy bit thickburger. You’re probably getting amazing service!
    Just relax and enjoy your getaway.
    I hear they smoke a lot of pot in tropical locales. Have you smelled any more lately?


  4. HotWifeSuperMom

    You girls just look gorgeous! The sun is even doing Karen a world of good. Robbie & Cliff (wasn’t that Karen’s husband?) can eat their hearts out! Lol that Cari was such a gold digger yet I never saw her at a nice resort like this – she couldn’t even do that right!



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