Helicopter Over Paradise

This morning we brought some newfound friends on a wonderful helicopter tour.  It made me dizzy to look out the windows so I napped throughout the trip, but it was well worth the price, I am sure!

2:6:16 helicopter

Ready to go!

Karen and I tried to call Renata to get her to join us.  She couldn’t get away, but when Karen told her what I had discovered about Cari victimizing her she confessed on the phone that she always thought it was me.  LOL!  Why would I bother her?  She always seemed like a very sweet young woman to me.   I am so glad that I discovered what a bad person Cari is and ended our friendship!

9 thoughts on “Helicopter Over Paradise

    1. SoloParentLadyCoder

      Amber! I love that we love the same blogs! La-Lee is amazing! How was Deer Valley? Rosie-Bear is just a doll (although I’m afraid her name isn’t quite as trendy as Mr. Homage to Ms. Lee)!


  1. Ms Chic

    You poor dear. Good thing you can finally get some well-deserved R&R and catch up on your sleep.

    Who is that hunk in the cabin though? Your new friend looks very interesting!



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