Betches at the Beach

My life has been so stressful lately.  First I was shot and disabled.  Then Stefan left on his trip around the world.  I tried to call him last week, but his mom said he was in someplace called the Check Republic which is so remote and mysterious that I couldn’t even find it on Wikipedia. Then Röbby became all crazy about money, rented a second home and picked the children up late.  I needed a getaway!

Luckily for me, Karen was willing to let bygones be bygones once she understood that I had found a credit card that Röbby had forgotten about, so the trip would be on him.  She seems to enjoy spending his money for some reason. LOL!

We are staying in the most beautiful resort!  It makes me wonder why I waited so long to go on a completely luxurious vacation like this.  Probably my cheapskate husband.  LOL!

2:6:16 room

Karen in her room before dinner last night.  The beds have the most wonderfully soft sheets and the service here is unbelievable.

I went running this morning.  I am very self-concious about my weight gain since the tragic shooting but Karen said I look wonderful and I even let her see the scar on my ass.  It was very brave of me.

2:6:16 running

Do I look fat?


Röbby seems to miss me because he keeps texting and calling but I just ignore, ignore, ignore.  Tomorrow we are taking some new friends on a helicopter trip.  It is an expensive but fun way to see all the beautiful scenery here.

4 thoughts on “Betches at the Beach

  1. Vidal Sassoon

    You do not look fat, but you should grow your hair out. Now that you’ll only have the kids part of the time, you don’t need a mom bob.


  2. Angela Talangelo

    I find that employing a Nomme de Plumme is an effective method for thwarting a spying husband’s tepid quest at tracking unscrupulous spending. An added bene of pseudonym usage is when Mama Cougar is on the prowl… Tips & tricks, am I right?


  3. NotaCatLa

    Is there enough room on the card for new boobs? I mean, you have had three little bundles of joy. I hear they are cheaper outside the US. Boobs can be a real asset for obtaining dates with men of more than adequate means.



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