Old Friends

Röbert was supposed to pick the children up after school yesterday, but he said he had to work late and then this morning he wanted to get their rooms “set up” in our second home so he couldn’t pick them up until noon.  By the time he got here I had fed them lunch and Hummus had fallen asleep. Röb actually tried to leave him behind.  Fortunately he had fallen asleep in his car seat (which I had kept him strapped into since yesterday afternoon, just in case).

After they left I decided to clean out the freezer and I found a couple of bottles of vodka I had forgotten about and four credit cards that Röb had frozen in blocks of ice for me last year.  Three of the cards are expired, but one has quite a bit of spring in its step still.

I am heading over to see Karen in a couple of minutes.  She and I always had a lot of fun together and I think we could agree to disagree about Renata.  Right now I feel like she and I have a lot in common and I have an idea which might interest her.

12:30 toast

Besties back in the day!

10 thoughts on “Old Friends

  1. Mrs. Rothschild

    Wait one minute! Why is Rob “setting up” the new apartment instead of you? YOU are the one with the good taste. And why aren’t you spending the night there with the rest of the family? Hire a sitter and you guys can go out on the town. The apartment is located in a hip neighborhood with lots of cool and trendy restaurants and bars within walking distance, right? Otherwise, what’s the point of a city place?


  2. Equestrian Pilates Mama

    Wow, Karen looks even skinnier than you do in that pic!
    Do tell Lah Lee, why do you and Karen have a lot in common? Did she purchase a second home too? Did you put on a few (hundred) pounds?



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