Merlin’s Doll

I was passing through our conservatory over the weekend and I noticed something behind one of the cushions on a bench we have out there.  It was pretty well hidden because it is the same color as the color on the throw pillows and it just blended right in.  It might have been there for months!

1:31:16 foot

Can you see it back there?

When I pulled it out it was Merlin’s dolly!

Last year I refitted a storage closet as Merlin’s room since I desperately needed more space for exercising and obviously he didn’t really need a big room filled with his toys and books.  I curated his bookshelf so that he now has just three books, all vintage and picturesque and he has just a small wodden airplane and a retro metal rocketship.  I got rid of all of his stuffed toys too, since they were all worn out and ugly.

1:31:16 lion

Ugh!  Lion Baby was filthy looking and worn out.  Merlin cried quite a bit when he found out that he was gone, but he barely mentions him anymore.

I was able to find an artist to create a fun and modern looking soft toy to keep on his bed so his room looked cohesive.  And now I find it behind a pillow in the conservatory?

When I confronted Merlin he started crying again.  He said his doll scares him!  I do not need a wimpy boy in my life right now.  I have too much going on.

1:31:16 dolly

It’s a doll.  Nothing scary here.

I made him march his doll right back upstairs to his bedroom and I will be checking to make sure it is there every single morning.  Someday he will appreciate what I personally sacrificed so he can grow up in a beautiful and harmonious environment.  Right now he is putting on quite a show of silent weeping, though.

18 thoughts on “Merlin’s Doll

    1. Equestrian Pilates Mama

      Wow, I can’t believe Lah Lee is getting all this hate now that she is disabled. I hope none of you have a tragic accident and end up being discriminated against like this.


  1. Big Fan

    Aw, give the boy his toys back! Anything for a quiet life. You know what boys are like, they are not as strong as us girls, they need a comfort object. Or maybe Stealing could give him some of her old toys?


  2. Equestrian Pilates Mama

    Merlin’s lucky to have you there to remind him what he does and doesn’t like! He will thank you one day for his perfectly curated childhood.


  3. 12thFetus4Jesus

    That doll is so clever looking. But are those mothballs the artist sewed onto the felt? If I smell them long enough I start to get weepy. A little dizzy, too, but mostly weepy, like Merlin.


  4. SugarToes

    Maybe Merlin is just getting too old for toys. He needs more manly projects to keep his time occupied. He could start preparing your yard for the summer garden! I would suggest giving that lovely doll to Karen. I think that she needs to have something to love…and really, only a baby doll could be able to love her back.


  5. Annie

    I agree with Angela. I think that Merlin did shoot you. You are just so mean to him. What in the world happened to you that made you so mean?



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