Visiting Karen

I think it is very brave of me to try to heal my relationship with Karen, despite how badly she has treated me, but she is fat now and unattractive.  I think she deserves a cute friend to give her something to aspire to.

I took out the fruit tray Merlin put together for me yesterday and walked through our backyard, the way I have a million times before and I honestly felt a little teary remembering all of our happy times together.

I could hear her inside talking with someone, so I knocked on the door and guess what?  She didn’t even answer.  Is that the rudest thing you have ever heard of?

1:24:16 door

Who does that to a neighbor?

Luckily I found Röbert’s extra Visa card in an old suit jacket in the attic so I ordered her a very lavish arrangement.  Let’s see her ignore THAT!

12 thoughts on “Visiting Karen

  1. SugarToes

    Where was Robby when you went over? I feel like he would not approve of this, given your fragile health! What is Karen tried to sit on you?


  2. Ludmilla

    Isn’t Karen old and deaf? Plus it would probably take her a long time to answer the door just because old people can’t move very fast.


  3. Ms Chic

    How can I say this, dear? I’m afraid your health issues are catching up with you. You’re looking a bit zaftig, and I’m concerned that you’re getting cataracts. Time for some self care, Lay Lee, before it’s too late!


    1. Cindy McCain

      That’s a little much! It was obviously bright outside and her pupils were contracted. Do you even know how science works? I mean, I sure don’t but even I know that sunlight makes the little black parts of your eyes smaller.



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