A Castle for my Princess

I hired a few architecture students from the university to make a “Frozen” castle for my lil’ Elsa yesterday.  I was expecting them to do it while she was at school, but school was cancelled so they had to do it quietly while Starling played inside.

When she saw it this morning she was just thrilled.  I let her stay home from school today to play in her castle.  It was just darling the way she sang “Let It Go” over and over again. She asked for gloves which could make ice, but those we couldn’t get, LOL!

1:24:16 castle

You couldn’t wipe the smile off of her face!

4 thoughts on “A Castle for my Princess

  1. Cindy McCain

    What a precious little angle! I can tell she loves it. I bet she spent many an hour happily playing inside and being a “grown-up.” Is there a liquor cabinet in there? That’s all Momma really needs, right? haha!


  2. Nevaeh and Brecken's Mommy

    You are such a wonderful mommy LahLee. Some miserly characters might say Starling is spoilt, but we all know that she deserves it and that good behavior and manners should be rewarded. You should submit this photo to a reputable women’s website like Jezebel or Buzzfeed so that others can follow your example.



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