Snowed In

We had a lil’ snow over the weekend and my car was completely stuck this morning so I had to walk the littles to school.  We could walk right down the middle of the street because there were no cars on the road, but the snow was deep and it took us a surprisingly long time to get there.  I thought the kids were going to be late but there was no school.  They closed down the whole thing over a tiny bit of snow.  I called up all of the people who work there and they all said it was up to me to listen to the news in the morning to find out.  How am I supposed to know that?

Of course Hummus’s school was open, but it was too far to walk, so I missed a perfectly good day at the gym.

When we got home I knew that Merlin would be eager to help, so I gave him a shovel and set him to work digging out my car, the driveway, the front walk, and the back walk.

1:24:15 dig

Wow, there was a lot of snow!  But Merlin has plenty of energy.

Later in the day I put Hummus in a lil’ snowboarding outfit and had Merlin pull him up the hill in the backyard and my baby is very good.  Perhaps we will also be going to the winter Olympics with him someday.

1:24:16 snobored

Just like Sean White except not hideously ugly.

Starling was inside watching Frozen over and over and playing with the human hair clip-on extensions I got her so she could have hair like Elsa.  LOL.  I have a tiny surprise for her tomorrow so I was glad she was not insisting on going outside.



7 thoughts on “Snowed In

  1. Cindy McCain

    I think you did this exact same thing last year, Lah Lee! What a funny little monkey you are! Of course walking in the snow is pretty much the exact same thing as doing a tabata or trx class at the gym, so you didn’t really lose anything except maybe a little of Sterling’s stubborn baby fat.


  2. CeeCee

    No hat for Merlin? Really Lah Lee?! I suppose he’s not wearing socks either. This is really surprising and disappointing. Maybe you hit your head harder than they thought.


  3. grammarian

    it’s great that marlin is so helpful, but i am starting to worry that he could identify more with blue collar workers than with the manager class as he gets older. can’t you pay people to do those chores, and teach him that’s how to get things done?



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