Vision Board 2016

Well, after a lot of thought and hard work and whining from Merlin about cutting paper for his pain-riddled mother before he could go frolic in the snow with his siblings, I have my vision board for 2016 ready to be unveiled.

If you don’t know what a vision board is, I have a link to to a tutorial for CHILDREN in the comment section of last Thursday’s post.  Apparently a reader thought I got to decide which fonts were used by the editors of the high end magazines, newspapers and other publications I used to find my vision board quotes for 2015.

Here it is.  Feel free to copy and post it above your own desk for inspiration throughout the year.

1:24:16 vision2016

Mostly this year I don’t want to be shot.

8 thoughts on “Vision Board 2016

  1. Rose Lens

    So colorful. SO happy. I’m going to copy, laminate, and post them all over the house for my entire family to study and follow.


  2. Equestrian Pilates Mama

    Love your vision board!
    I definitely agree about the importance of family. Spending time with them each night (and occasional brunch) is an absolut must!



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