Poor Ty

I have reached out to Ty several times since the police unjustly railroaded him into confessing to my shooting.  His lawyer must had advised him not to contact me until after the trial, because he is not taking my calls or texts, or letters.  I did notice his old soccer team was playing a game today when I looked at their schedule by accident online.  I happened to be in the area and saw Ty with my telephoto lens I was using to shoot photos of a rare bird species I had read was spotted nearby.  He seems to have lost some of the weight and looked much happier than he has been in a while.  It must be such a relief to him to know that Renata has moved on to another man.  Maybe he will be back to teaching Merlin soon!

1:18:16 fatty

He mustn’t know about the Edible Arrangement I sent to his parents home last week or he would for sure have stopped by to thank me.

6 thoughts on “Poor Ty

  1. Elle

    Oh Lah Lee, I’m so sorry! I mistakenly assumed in my earlier comment that Ty was guilty, not that he had been railroaded!!!!!!! Maybe we need to tweet Sarah Koenig and get her on this. I’m sending this could be a riveting season 3 of Serial: Beautiful, graceful, classy housewife shot, son’s former teacher unjustly accused, actual shooter (probably a jealous foreigner, maybe another housewife who could never live up to your example) running loose. Honestly, I don’t know how she could say no.



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