The Odd Couple

I was driving home from a light workout at the gym today and I saw my old pal, Karen the snake in the park with her new buddy, Renata.  Can you imagine being so desperate for a friend that you would want to spend time with either of them?  Besides being sneaky and dishonest they are two of the most tedious individuals known to man.

1:18:16 Karen

Renata appears to be doing a top rate job helping Karen lose weight, LOL!

I think I might try to befriend Karen again.  I am sure she must miss me and it would be a hoot to hear all about Renata’s wedding plans.  Maybe I could even get myself invited to the happy event and bring Ty as my plus one!  LOL!  LOL!

4 thoughts on “The Odd Couple

    1. mythreeangles Post author

      Ty was not arrested. He was just charged with a couple of misdemeanors or something while the person who attempted to murder a beautiful and popular blogger still roams the streets. It is bone chilling!



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