What I Wore 1/18/2016

1:17:16 sequins

Tragically wounded but still red hot. 

Today I wore a stylish lil’ striped sequin shift from a designer who is too chic and too pricey for the likes of you, and gorgeous black leather biker booties with a 3 inch stiletto heel.

I woke up in terrible, terrible pain and had to take seven pills just to get out of bed, and I wore this outfit.  What is your excuse for the nasty mom jeans now?

12 thoughts on “What I Wore 1/18/2016

  1. Jumped the Sheep

    You look delightful! Unfortunately, I’m a busy SAHM so sequin just would not work for my busy days with the littles.


      1. M

        I am in totally agreement, Lolly. The minute my children were blanket trained, I sequin trained them as well. Worst 6 years of my life but it’s a sacrifice for my brood of percious angles!


  2. RodanFields

    Stripper sequins before 6 pm?
    Oh dear, Lah Lee. You should sue your doctor. He should have told you those pain meds could affect your taste and judgment. Doesn’t he know you have an image to maintain?


  3. I love turtles

    You’re #sobrave for not letting the pain crush your wonderful spirit. And may I add, that dress compliments your eyes beautifully. You’re on fleek gurl!



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