Coffee with Stefan

Since I have been home, Röbert has been extra sweet and solicitous of my needs.  Obviously I have been in excrutiating pain a lot of the time, but I try not to let my guy see me like that.  I am terribly stoic, you know.

One of the drawbacks of all of this loving care is that I hardly have a moment to myself.  Recovery means that I am spending a lot of time healing (napping and watching important documentaries about world affairs and bachelors trying to find their one true love among 26 beautiful women) and a fair amount of time talking to doctors about pain relief.  I really haven’t had time to see my special guy Stefan since he got home from his ski trip, but we have been keeping up by text message etc.

This morning I suggested to Röbby that since Piti has her day off on Sunday, he could take the children to visit with Grandmama while I caught up on some sleep.  I don’t want that crazy foreigner, Piti anywhere near my angles!

I quickly got dressed in a sweet lil’ frock and drove downtown to meet Stefan for coffee.  I am so lucky to have a handicapped tag now so I can park easily and don’t have to walk.  I should have had one made for myself years ago!

Stefan and I talked and talked but we just don’t see any way to make our relationship work right now.  He is planning to start on a trip around the world next month and as much as I want to go, I don’t think it is possible.  I tried to convince him that we could just see first world countries with a high standard of health care and easily access to high quality strong and effective pain relief, but he seems to think that to see the world you need to also go to dirty places.  So, no.  He should be back in a few months, and maybe then this star-crossed relationship has a chance.  Damn you Piti or other crazy jealous foreigner or hater who shot me!

1:17:16 Stefan

We are completely, completely adorable together

I guess I would have missed Starling from time to time too.




7 thoughts on “Coffee with Stefan

  1. 12thFetus4Jesus

    You are as beautiful as ever, Lah Lee, but your pupils look very constricted. I’m sure it is not due to the overuse of narcotics but you might want to get it checked out with an eye doctor. Preferably a cute one. You don’t want some old guy with nose hair and garlic breath just inches away from your face.



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