I Have a Few Questions

Detective Wallace didn’t even have time to talk with me today.  I called over and over, with several leads on my shooting and he told me that he couldn’t talk about it, but he thought that the shooting might be accidental. Before I could say anything at all he transferred my call to some crazy counselor who want to talk about my feelings.  Feelings?

I don’t need a Manitowoc style investigator, I need a Jack Bauer type.  My shooting is a mystery.  Who would ever want to shoot a delightful gal like me in the ass?

I decided to do some inquiries on my own.  One of my top suspects is Grandmama’s housekeeper, Piti, or Priti or something.  She adores my children and just loves to babysit them, but she is foreign. I would hate to lose her as a babysitter, but I don’t know exactly where she is from and Isis is probably active in that third world place.

Anywho, I stopped by to ask her a few questions today, but she wouldn’t open the door.  She just called through it to me, “I can’t take the children, Lah Lee.”  Take the children?  Is my nightmare not over?  Is she planning on kidnapping Starling on top of everything else?  I will have to look her up on Yahoo and see what I can figure out.

Before I turn her in I might have her doing a lil' cleaning around my place.

Before I turn her in I might have her do a lil’ cleaning around my place.

It is so difficult being physically handicapped while leading a whole detective murder attempt investigation and still raising a family.  But I just keep smiling!

15 thoughts on “I Have a Few Questions

  1. afriendinneedindeed

    I think Detective Wallace is avoiding you because he has feelings for you. He knows if he is alone in your presence he wouldn’t be able to control himself. I’m sure he dreams about the beautiful Lah Lee, but as a law enforcement professional, he needs to stay away from you and your charms.


  2. LulemonIsMyGoddess

    It seems like the local cops are giving you the runaround. You should probably call the FBI and let them take the case over. I can’t believe they are trying to turn an attempted assassination attempt into an “accident”. Someone has to be held responsible for your potential dis-figuration in your bum! Plus emotional trauma.


  3. NotaCatLady

    Call those people who do Dateline or the ones that made that murderer show that is so popular. Let the media discover the facts. You’ll look good on TV in your wheelchair.



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