A Lil’ Setback

The silly lil’ rule about not exercising for a few weeks (Weeks!  Not days!  Weeks!) has started getting to me a tiny bit so I headed off to the gym this morning after dropping the kids off, just to hang out.  By mistake I somehow ended up in “Spin to Win” and tore an eensy bit of my stitches out.  Ouchy!  Krystyn brought me over to the hospital and they stitched me right back up and gave me some more painkillers.  Thank goodness, because I was almost out and my doctor’s office has been very stingy about giving me more.

To celebrate I had a couple of extra pills with a teensy glass of vodka and celery.  I feel a lil’ dizzy but I guess it is time to pick Hummus up from school.  I think we will all have some Benadryl for dinner, for our sniffy noses.

15 thoughts on “A Lil’ Setback

  1. PSL Mama

    La Lee! You must follow doctor’s orders. I know relaxing is hard for you. Have your girlfriends come over at regular intervals throughout the day to gossip. Have a manicurist and massage therapist make a house call. Spa at home! Maybe someone can come help you internet shop. You know they could do most of the screen time and you could just take a quick peek before they hit order. I think watching TV from the bed is okay. You are not looking closely at the screen. I do feel bad for you. Should I swing by for a visit? Surely you have tons of close friends that you do life with to come spend time with you.


  2. Big Fan

    Oh my! You didn’t go off driving after taking Vodka? I know you are super mom and can take it, but will the cops know that? What if they stop you? You know what a silly fuss they make when someone has been drinking!


    1. iwassnowyfirst

      She said it was only a teensy glass of vodka. That’s hardly enough to even register on a breathalyzer! If they still complain, they can always test her blood and I bet it comes up clean as a whistle. Lah Lee is a smart cookie, I’m sure she knows what she’s doing!


  3. lunalissa

    Maybe the Taliban but I don’t think the Internal Revenue Agency would have you shot, even if you haven’t paid your taxes.

    Have the police checked to see if it was Karen or Renata maybe?



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