Wednesday Update

It seems as if the police may really have thought that Ty was just a witness to my shooting.  According to Krystyn, they brought his mom in for questioning early this morning.  I don’t think his mom is one of my besties, and I doubt she would be jealous enough to shoot me as I made a perfect yoga pose, but she sure was rude the last time I saw her!

I am in so much pain that I had to go to a Minute Clinic this morning for some extra medication.  The nurse practitioner was very sassy about my list of prescriptions I thought might help me out, but she gave me a couple of Tylenol 3s when I refused to leave.  They actually look exactly like regular generic pain relievers, but I am hopeful they will help me sleep a little tonight.  I might go to the emergency room to see if they can also help me out with a few prescriptions.

Merlin has a project about “service” that he is very excited about.  He has to help someone in need with the gift of time.  I suggested that he give me some assistance, since I am in so much pain (honestly, your worst pain is nothing compared to what I am experiencing) and I need the garage straightened out.  He said that would be a selfish gift and so he is collecting socks for homeless people.

Homeless people need a home, not socks.  Come on!

Maybe he could donate this hideous shirt instead.

Maybe he could donate this hideous shirt instead.


7 thoughts on “Wednesday Update

  1. HotWifeSuperMom

    Oh Lah Lee! I’m so pleased to see that your memory is returning to you and you are starting to remember what a little pill your eldest son can be. From what you’ve mentioned on the blog, he is quite a difficult child and I wondered if your lil’ accident induced memory loss would allow you to forget and give him a chance to turn into the perfect lil’ angle, but alas he still seems to be a problem.


  2. afriendinneedindeed

    If “service” to one’s own flesh and blood (sorry) is selfish, then the world is going to hell in a hand basket. After all you’ve done for that child, as well as his school, it’s just shameful…SHAMEFUL…that they didn’t tell him that he MUST do service for his loving mama first before anyone else. This makes me sick.
    “Socks for the homeless”??? It disgusts me to think about those people, who don’t even have a house with a laundry room…God, once those socks get filthy from being on those stinky homeless feet…how will they wash them? EWWW!
    Did you read about the woman whose lovely New Year’s Eve dinner was RUINED because some old lady had the nerve to have a heart attack next to her. How RUDE. People have some really F’U’d priorities.


  3. TheWayItIs

    This is what is known in the medical world as doctor shopping, or ER hopping. No doubt you will bring your considerable retail skills to this new challenge.


    1. Cindy McCain

      Excuse you. When one is accustomed to a certain level of service, one must stand up for oneself and one’s pain needs. I think Lah Lee is being a wise consumer and so strong and brave.



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