Smiling Through My Pain

Merlin came to me this morning and asked why it is that I am having trouble walking.

“It’s because someone made a bad choice about using a gun.”

“Guns are for hunting game or protecting your home, right Mommy?”

“Exactly.  And guns are a right protected by the constitution.”

“That is great, Mommy.  I love the constitution since it protects our rights.”

We cuddled and talked about gun laws for a bit, then Merlin said the cutest thing, “I love your funny little walk, Mommy”


I won't be doing this for quite some time due to an unknown hunter irresponsibly shooting in a very expensive residential area.

I won’t be doing this for quite some time due to an unknown hunter irresponsibly shooting in a very expensive residential area.


16 thoughts on “Smiling Through My Pain

  1. PSL Mama

    Sounds like a shot in the ass was good for your relationship with sweet lil Merlin. Gotta look for the light in the darkness..Silver linings and all. #Imisscindymccain


      1. PSL Mama

        Cindy! Thank God you are back. There was so much craziness while you were gone…Lah Lee leaving on Christmas day, the shooting and now her sudden affinity toward Marlin. Something is amiss. We needed your voice of reason here. PLEASE try to help poor LahLee. She seems to listen to you. P.S. I think it was Cari but boy did that backfire (pun intended).


      1. SuburbanHostilewife

        Do you like coobies? I heard people have been known to wear them as outerwear. But then all of the people I know with full time jobs say they’re crap.


      1. Julia Rainbow

        I recommend the seminal tome “The Four Hour Virtuoso” by the ineffable Tim Ferriss. Two of my former beaus used it and are now DJs at transformational festivals. I am partway through it myself and my Rainbow record label is already scheduling a recording studio session in two weeks.


  2. Cindy McCain

    Lah Lee, I have just returned from one of our houses and I am shocked! You were… you got… someone… I just can’t believe it. This is terrible. Are you sure it was a bullet that shot you? Bee stings can feel very painful. Or perhaps a splinter from the deck?

    Please let me know if I can do anything to help. I don’t have as many personal physicians as I used to but I still have one or two, ha ha. I would hate to see my dear friend in pain when she could be floating away on a Percocet cloud. Pain is for poor people, my dear, and we who are of a more delicate and refined nature should not suffer it.


      1. Cindy McCain

        No but for some reason Lindsay Graham would not stop calling. It’s not our fault you gave up, Linds. Where would John be if he had just given up after one or two bad polls? Still in Hanoi! Or married to his first wife! I shudder.



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