New Year’s Eve

It took for ever for the the hospital to let me leaf today and I was just eager to get home to my littles.  Every single doctor who had even looked my way had to sign off that I was well enough to go home and I had to listen to so much none sense about what I can not do for a while.  No vodka, no looking at screams, even time ones like my phone, take it easy, lots of rest, no vodka and not even a sip of champagne tonight.  I am not a take it easy kind of gal. And it is new years eve.

Robert had surprise me buy shaving his beard off and he looks so handsome. I no that beards are very hip but I love Robert clean shaven so he did it to please me. Cute.

When we got home from the hospital the children had just finished cleaning up the downstairs for me and had made a big welcome home banner.

It looks like Starling did the writing but Merlin was in charge of the spelling

It looks like Starling did the writing but Merlin was in charge of the spelling

I thought they wood want to stay up late and cuddle with me, but they eight there dinner quietly and went right up to bed.  What perfect angels.

I can here Karens annual party starting up next door but I have ever thing I want right hear.  Robert and I will stay in and enjoy a roaring fire and talk about our plans for two thousand sixteen.

The happy couple

The happy couple

Maybe just a tiny sip of champs at midnight.

10 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve

  1. calebmom804

    Welcome home!!! I am sure one tiny sip of champs is cool bc the doctors have no idea how fit you are. I need to warn you to be watchful though. Most of your suspects are prob at that snake Karen’s house. It’s like a live game of clue. #prayersforlahlee #whereiscindymccain


  2. Mrs. Rothschild

    I love your that your mantel decor looks like a Catholic church altar! So festive!

    So I guess Bobby and Cari aren’t hanging out anymore? Bobby looks good clean-shaven but much more…somber, like life is weighing him down. I guess having one’s wife shot and realizing she’s going to live anyway will do that. The facial hair gave him a rather jaunty, carefree, pirate look.

    So I take it you shot were shot, or grazed by a bullet, someplace embarrassing, like the butt, because neither you nor Bob you have described the injury, which is really weird for a gunshot wound. The good thing is that being shot in the ass isn’t life-threatening! Any leads on the culprit? And where were you? Outside on the deck doing downward dog? That would explain a lot.

    Happy New Year to you! May 2016 bring you even more adventures than 2015!


  3. Ms Chic

    Poor Bobber is looking really haggard. I hope he can weather this new crisis without losing whatever social pleasures have helped him keep body and soul together while you and Stephan were canoodling. I’m surprised that his friends haven’t been around to comfort him in this time of trial. I’m sure you’re a great comfort to him right now, Lah Lee, but, let’s face it, you’ll be back to your old self any day now. A mere bullet can’t keep Lah Lee down!



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