Farewell, Gentle Spirit

I don’t think I shared with all of you the sad news that Cari’s dear friend “James” passed away from age related causes in a nursing home In October.  “James” was a kind and very generous man and it is a shame that his selfish children kept him from his love, Cari, during the final days of his life.

I will never forget how terrifying it was to watch "James" drive.

I will never forget how terrifying it was to watch “James” drive.

Happily for everyone, “James” was able to change his will so that his children all got small bequests, but Cari was left the bulk of his estate.  Of course she was shocked and never expected this windfall, but it would be silly to turn it down.  She wanted to be fair, so she instructed her lawyers to negotiate a settlement with his family that would allow her to avoid drawn out lawsuits, and they begrudgingly agreed to allow her to give them back half of the estate.  Ingrateful, spoiled family; you would think they’d be happy she decided to share.  Despite all of this, she has ended up a very wealthy lady indeed.  Such happy news for my BFF.  I am in no way jealous of her good fortune.

8 thoughts on “Farewell, Gentle Spirit

  1. Rose Lens

    Oh dear poor Cari. She must be so sad but I am sure the money will help take the sting out of “James” passing. And it is selfless for her to share her inheritance, she is so generous and full of Christmas love and glow. I’m sure she watches your life and you have inspired her to give give give!! You should be proud.


  2. Cindy McCain

    How romantic! Situations like this is why John and I keep all our money in a trust. I’m an heiress you know. If I kick off first, no way is John going to be able to drag some blonde hussy or rhinestone cowboy home and give away all my money.


  3. PSL Mama

    Wow! I am sure Cari was totally shocked to learn this information! And you are the definition of a true friend as you are happy for her and not jealous at all. I am sure she will throw some nice things your way too. Is she still having Lunch with Röbert from time to time?

    Oh and so sad about James.


  4. Equestrian Pilates Mama

    Cari and Mitch are the ultimate power couple now.
    You must be so, so happy to have such rich and successful friends!



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