Special Fun for the Little Ones

At All Praise Our Blessed Little Lambs Preschool they take their Christmas stuff very seriously.  They don’t do any of the fun stuff we do at home, with the trees and Santa and presents.  It is mostly long church services.  Today they told me that Hummus would be doing a reading and I should really come to watch him.  It is hard to believe since Hummus doesn’t speak and he certainly doesn’t read.  Also, the service was scheduled to last eight hours, and there is no way I have time for that nonsense.

He looked so cute in his lil' tie.

He looked so cute in his lil’ tie.

Miss Sherrilyn said he needed to be dressed plain, whatever that means, and she put him in some kind of white robe when he got there.  Whatever.  The other children were dressed similarly, and a couple of the moms were staying so I guess I can ask them at drop-off tomorrow what it was all about.

9 thoughts on “Special Fun for the Little Ones

  1. Cindy McCain

    Well isn’t that sweet. I can’t wait to find out what he read! How nice that he gets to play a part. Perhaps he will grow up to a life of spiritual service. There’s plenty of money in that line of work if he plays his cards right.


    1. Gilly Blake

      My dear husband deleted all the malware on your other favorite site, updated the backup files and saved them to an external drive. Our beloved Jacy spoke with Host Gator last night and they said we’d be up soon.



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