Detective Work

I went by Ty’s house a few times yesterday and he was nowhere to be found.  The house was dark and the curtains were all drawn.  I waited until it was dark to climb over his fence, so I wouldn’t alarm his neighbors, but there is some kind of automatic light that flipped on.

I then drove by his parents house a few times.  I finally parked out front and there was no sign of Ty, but there is a huge Christmas tree blocking my view into the living room.  I did see his brother walking Dementor.

So I went home and picked up a tray of my famous home-made cookies to bring to his family.  I figured they would invite me in and tell me what is going on.

Everyone always remarks on how clever I am to make such beautiful cookies.

Everyone always remarks on how clever I am to make such beautiful cookies. I actually buy them from a woman who lives a couple of hours away, so no one knows.  If I had time to make cookies they would look like these, only nicer.

I changed into a cocktail dress, just in case they were all gathered for a sip of wine and drove on over.  Well, Ty’s mother must have started with the wine a little early because she was so rude to me!  She literally slammed the door right in my face.  His Dad came out after I knocked a few more times and asked me if I didn’t have a family of my own to “bother”.  Excuse me?  They have always seemed like such nice people in the past.  I tried to step inside with the cookie tray, just to drop it off, but he closed the door IN MY FACE!


I guess they won’t be getting a Christmas card this year.

13 thoughts on “Detective Work

  1. 12thFetus4Jesus

    It sounds like Ty is having to take time off to handle his parents. Something’s not right- they are arrattic. No wonder poor Ty can’t teach right now- having to handle his parents who sound like they are getting senile. Because why else would they act out when someone is so kind to visit AND bring darling cookies?


  2. Mrs. Rothschild

    Is it just a tiny bit possible his parents are upset that you engineered Ty and Renata’s breakup? Maybe they actually liked her and blame you for the mental health problems Ty is obviously experiencing since his engagement was called off. I’m not blaming you. There’s really just no way that you could have put yourself in Ty’s shoes and guessed the emotional toll the breakup would have on him.
    In any case, they must be really mad at you to turn down that delicious-looking tray of cookies.



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