Look at This!

I don’t usually have time for reading on the weekend, but Mitch always gets the Sunday paper, and look what Cari dropped by with this morning.  A lil’ announcement!

Poor, dumb Charlie

Poor, dumb Charlie

Charlie is actually a lovely young man, but not the brightest person I know.  I am sure Renata has fooled him in her usual way.  I just feel terrible for him.

Cari and I need to figure out what we can do about this sitch.  I hope Ty hasn’t taken it too hard.

2 thoughts on “Look at This!

  1. Yummy Mommy Pregnant Tummy

    Hmmm, Charlie looks a lot like Röbert with that beard. I hope Renata’s original plan wasn’t to try to nab him! Not that she would have stood a chance because you are so very happily married. It’s not like Röbert would ever have an affair or even look at another woman!



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