Happy Thanksgiving 2015

On Wednesday I volunteered to deliver the meal that the PTO had collected to a needy family who has actual children at our school.  I didn’t realize that there were poor people in our school district.  We pay high taxes so we don’t have to live near poor people.  By volunteering I looked caring, found out who the poor family was (no one my kids play with, thank goodness) and saw what everyone donated (thanks for the $.69 can of cranberry sauce, Johansen family,  I hope you were still able to feed your own family after that generous contribution).

Margie had made a lovely spinach gratin that I was sure the poor family wouldn’t really appreciate, so I replaced it with some canned beets I had in the cupboard and put it in a pretty casserole and wallah!  My contribution to Thanksgiving dinner with Grandmama was complete.

On Thursday we slept in and then started getting dressed for dinner at Grandmama’s.  Röbert was surprised she had wanted to host us since she has been pretty standoffish since that time the children destroyed her precious antique carpet, but I told him that she had called late at night and was quite insistent, despite being obviously tired and slurring her words a bit.

My lil' turkey looked adorable, as usual.

Starling sang Turkey in the Straw for 8 hours straight.  Adorable!  I can’t believe they go back to school on Monday.

I came downstairs and you will never guess who was waiting in my living room?  Stefan!   We had agreed not to see each other but he told me that when Röbby called him he couldn’t resist.  It was very awkward, but it was nice to see him and he brought the most beautiful flowers.

The chemistry is just undeniable when you see us together.

The chemistry is just undeniable when you see us together.

We all piled in the car with my lovely gratin and a pecan pie that Stefan had brought, but when we got to Grandmama’s she was just leaving to come to our house for dinner.  She is obviously a very a confused old lady.  She started accusing me of all sorts of unsavory things and we had to leave in a hurry.  When I got home I ran up to my room to cry and then I had a terrible my grain.  It was just so awful with my special guest and on such a wonderful family day.  Röbert made soup for the kids for dinner and I had a lil’ sip of vodka.  After dinner I told Röbert to play some board games with the kids and I went up to bed.  Once again, St. Lah Lee saves the day.

6 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving 2015

  1. PSL Mama

    What happened to your “salon?” I told you to just order from Whole Foods. You really should listen to PSL Mama. I have this holiday thing down. Yours sounds like a complete disaster. Now Stefan and Röbert both saw your high maintenance side. LahLee you have got to pull it together girl or you will end up poor and alone with three kids.



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