A Strange Feeling

I have had the eeriest feeling lately.   I keep thinking there is someone following me or standing in my backyard.  When I look there is no one there, of course.

When I just slipped out back to avoid talking to Röbby about some ridiculous camping trip he wants the family to take, I swear I could smell smoke, and not cigarette smoke.  It smelled like the old wacky tabaccy, if you catch my drift.  At first I thought maybe Karen’s sons were home from school, but her house was dark.

I am sure it is nothing, but it does make me feel a teensy bit uncomfortable.

4 thoughts on “A Strange Feeling

  1. Jumped the Sheep

    You need security cameras ASAP. We all know that Renatta is a druggie AND she’s friends with Karen so there is a good chance she is smoking the pots in Karen’s yard.


  2. #1 Jamberry Salesmom

    Maybe you can have Renatta deported finally do to drug charges.

    Your such a hero in you’re community already LahLee, it’s only right that your the one that catches her. Maybe start a charity that helps deport people who smoke pot!



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