Getting Ready

Röbert left me a note this morning reminding me that his mother would be joining us for Thanksgiving this year and wondering if we should invite Stefan too, since he will be alone, with his parents abroad and Kathy out of the picture.  That would be pretty awkward, but I said fine.  I know that Stefan will know better than to come.  As for my mother-in-law, she will certainly not know better, so I need to start thinking now of a way to dissuade her from attending.  Maybe all of the kids could come down with something?  A lil’ throw-uppy of some sort would work.

The note did remind me that I need to start getting my beautiful homemade meal ready to go, so I called a caterer and I ordered a lovely meal, including servers and all the trimmings.  I was a lil’ shocked at the final cost so I mentioned my popular blog and let her know I would be covering the meal on there, so it really should be free.  The owner of the company was so rude!  Imagine laughing at your customer!   I asked how much of a discount I could get for not mentioning her rudeness and incompetence on my blog, and she hung up on me.  Wow! This mention is free, Jolene.  A Touch of Class Affairs and Party Rental has terrible customer service and their food is not tasty.  Oh, also, White Tie and Tails Catering should not be your top choice for any holiday parties, they are rude and condescending on the phone. If you are looking for a caterer or party planner, do not call The Light Fantastic Caterers.  Their phone manners are appalling.  When hiring a caterer for your next party, skip over Champagne and Glamour Catering.  They are unable to hold a civil tongue in their heads.

I guess I will start planning my gorgeous tablescapes tomorrow.  It is times like this I wish that Karen wasn’t so unkind.  She does throw a mean holiday dinner.

Here is something I am wondering about. I was thinking it might be fun to start our meal out with a smallish cocktail competition.  I could invite a bunch of people over and everyone could make a cocktail and we could have a lil’ prize, in the manner of Top Chef.  Then we could all sit down to a beautiful table and I could serve dinner, but by then nobody would be in any shape to really see what they are eating.

The kids could microwave these for us and then enpty them silver serving bowls and trays and no one need be the wiser.

The kids could microwave these for us and then replate them in silver serving bowls and trays and no one need be the wiser.

No one really cares about the food on Thanksgiving anyway, right?

15 thoughts on “Getting Ready

    1. Ludmilla

      Really, it’s your MIL’s duty to do this. After all, if she had raised Robert correctly he would be earning enough now for you to afford a caterer and would be happy to pay for it. It’s her fault you’re in this situation.


  1. PSL Mama

    Oh my Lahlee you need an intervention girl! I cannot believe you would even consider serving those boxed, processed things. I think whole foods has a way you can order your entire meal. I’ve never done it of course as I make everything for my family from scratch but it will be healthy, organic and look homemade. You pick it up and re-heat from what I am told. I think you excel at that right?!

    P.S. put all the containers in the outside trash (or Karen’s) so no one is the wiser;)


  2. Cindy McCain

    My dear you have so much on your plate! (haha get it? Thanksgiving? Plate? haha!)

    I hope you are taking some “me” time! I will be sure never to use those caterers you mentioned.
    (Our housekeeper normally does the cooking while I do the tasting and spitting.)

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  3. so oppressed

    Oh L, you truly are being taken advantage of, although I know R is perfect but probs has not realized the whole issue. Literally everyone has Thanksgiving off so why would you be expected to work, Women fought the right of “fair labor” practices. Order the meal from your grocery store and be done with this injustice. Don’t forget the wine, you will clearly need a lot with mil and supervising this “special occasion”.


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      Do I look like the type of person who has to order food from a grocery store? I generally make high quality homemade artisanal farm to table type meals that everyone raves about. Right now I am just a little stressed out. I thought a lil’ cocktail contest would be fun and solve all of my problems. The more I think about it though, the more I think I should just act as though I am surprised when people show up and express the understanding that we were meant to be at my mother-in-law’s house, and let it unfold.

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