Yesterday I had planned to take a little time to myself for some spa treatments, then shop for a few decorations for our house for the holidays.  Unfortunately I had forgotten that Röbert had made plans with Stefan for a hiking trip up in the mountains so I was stuck at home with the littles.  We tried the spa, but the very rude front desk lady told me it was not her job to babysit my unruly kids.  I wasn’t asking anyone to babysit, I just thought she could entertain them a bit while they waited and maybe get them something to eat.  And they are delightful, not unruly.  The nerve!

When we tried to go shopping though they, and by they I mean Merlin, might have been a bit unruly. I was looking at pens with which to sign my Christmas cards.  I need something special this year because I plan to learn beautiful calligraphy next week, so I was concentrating quite hard when I heard Starling giggle.  What a sweet sound.  When I turned around she went pale and said, “Merlin did it!”

Of course he did! Disgusting!

Of course he did! Disgusting! But maybe he can help me with my calligraphy on the cards.

He denied derawing a pooping dinosaur, but I reminded him of the rude Easter egg that had ruined an earlier holiday this year and he broke down in tears.  Good!  He should feel bad.

We went to the other part of the store to buy twinkly lights and felt houses and you will not even believe what I saw him doing!

Oh no he didn't!

Oh no he didn’t!

I caught him red handed, but he said that he was trying to take it down so Starling wouldn’t get in trouble.  Starling?  I think we all know who has a track record with this kind of behavior.

So the whole family had to go home.  I stopped to buy cupcakes for the other two to thank them for their nice behavior and Merlin spent the rest of the day in his room.  He apologized this morning, but I think I am going to have to ground him from all of his extracurricular activities until he can learn not to act in such a shameful manner.

8 thoughts on “Boys!

  1. 12thFetus4Jesus

    Does the school Humus goes to have upper grades? It sounds like a really strict place that would not put up with Merlin’s nonsense, Lah Lee. Or maybe he’s just ADHD and the doctor can give him a lil something to focus. And any extra in the pill bottle can put a pep in a mom’s step, if you catch my drift.



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