Breaking News: Cari is Still My Bestie

I finally caught up with Cari this morning and I just happened to have the picture in my purse.  At first she looked a lil’ bit surprised to see it, but when I said that I was sure it was from a dinner she and Röbby must have had to plan my birthday, she said that was exactly what it was.  In fact, she told me that she and he had met many, many times to plan lil’ treats for me, and while she didn’t think other pictures had been taken, I shouldn’t be surprised if one or two ther ones pop up here and there.  We both had a good laugh about her and Röbby.  He is not exactly in her preferred tax bracket. LOL.  He’s not exactly in my preferred tax bracket either, LOL!  But of course we are deeply in love and extremely happy.

Cari gave me a cute lil’ photo of her and Mitch on a recent trip to the Carribean so I could share it with Karen and remind her of whose husband Cari is actually sleeping with.  I don’t think they were yachting around to plan something special for her.  LOL!

What an extremely romantic picture. Now those two are deeply in love!

What an extremely romantic picture. Now those two are deeply in love!

I slipped it under Karen’s door this morning.  I hope she isn’t crying too hard right now.

14 thoughts on “Breaking News: Cari is Still My Bestie

  1. PSL Mama

    Oh LahLee! I’m sorry but now you are just embarrassing yourself. Someone is beating you at your own game and you are so deep in LaLee Land, you can’t even see it. It’s rather sad. I wish you had one sincere friend who could speak truth to you. Cindy, maybe you can help her see the light?


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      You have clearly never met Cari. Röbert is in every way a perfect husband except he is a tiny bit not performing to expectations in his pursuit of wealth and he is the weensiest bit cheap. See my stupid Christmas gift last year for reference, if you must. Cari is into wealthy men, usually much older. She has been dating Mitch for months.


      1. Mrs. Rothschild

        Oh, Lah Lee, I’m with PSL. Cari can be sleeping with two (or more) guys at the same time: Rob for the sexy factor and Mitch for the money factor. Lots of people have affairs with people they never intend to marry, so tax bracket doesn’t matter one whit. Didn’t you catch Cari and Rob looking kind of out of breath or something a few months ago after he was “comforting” her after her breakup with the old guy? She’s quite the player, that one. Might want to visit your gyno and get some STD testing.


  2. Cindy McCain

    Dear New Commenters:

    You have no idea what you are talking about shutup please kthxbye. Bobsers is totally in love with LahLee and ONLY Lah Lee, who is the most generous, kind, skinny, fashionable, athletic, smart, nurturing best wife and mother ON THE PLANET.

    Pack your hobo bag with all that hate and GTFO.


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