LOL! Karen is Delusional

So Karen finally let me know which one of my friends is “the tall pretty one”.  It is Cari.

She somehow had a photo of Cari and Röbby having a drink together and she thought it would destroy me and my marriage.  LOL!  Of course the photo is ancient.  Röbert doesn’t even have a beard yet.  I think it was probably taken last spring when they went out a few times to plan my birthday.

No chemistry.  None.

No chemistry. None.  

Those two love me to pieces and would never do anything to betray me.  I am 100% sure about that.  I can’t wait to show it to Cari and hear her laugh about it.

11 thoughts on “LOL! Karen is Delusional

    1. mythreeangles Post author

      Exactly, Bubbles! I believe in live and let live. Karen chased me down with the stupid envelope for two days before finally slipping it under my door. And then it turns out to be a big old nothing.


  1. Peonywaist

    Gracious, you are so worried about what other women are doing!
    First writing about, plotting against and fraternizing with frumps and weirdos, and now Cari?

    Best not to get too obsessed.
    I hope you’re not neglecting your pedis, peels and kegels! Maybe a hobby??


  2. Cindy McCain

    oh my saints and angels. Karen: GET A FUCKING HOBBY. She clearly has way too much time on her hands and pounds on her hips. What happened to her training program? She got lazy, fired her trainer and then her brain built up way too much fructose and salt and she’s all delusional. She probably looks out her window at your house and sees Cinderella at the ball and it makes her go all screamy inside.

    Just ignore her, Lah Lee. I can’t wait to hear what Cari says about it, hahaha.


  3. SugarToes

    Karen is probably jealous that a handsome fella like Robby isn’t interested in her anymore. Doesn’t she realize how ugly people look when they are consumed with jealousy?


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      I think your memory is a bit off. Karen was stalking poor Röb last winter. She is old and fat and boring. He would never, never, never be interested in her. She even stuck a photo of herself in his suitcase at one point. Pathetic.



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