That Snake

This morning, when I was getting home from my run, Karen was hanging around my mailbox in a suspicious manner.  “Hi, Lah Lee,” she called out and I was ignoring her perfectly when she asked, “How is your friend?”

I froze.  What if she had somehow figured out that Stefan and I had been misbehaving?  I mean, they were just innocent lil’ kisses, but what if she had seen us and misinterpreted them?  She would not be above going to Röbert.  That snake would love to see my happy marriage ruined.

“What friend?” I asked. “I have lots of friends.  Does your lil’ friend have any more court dates coming up?”  Then I walked inside.  As I was closing the door I heard her say, “Your tall friend.  You know, the pretty one.”

What the hell does that mean?  All of my friends are tall and pretty.

17 thoughts on “That Snake

  1. bridgetannie

    If I were you, I get a story ready fast. Jump out ahead of this. Throw Stefie under the bus. Work up some tears and tell Robbie he attacked you. She saw you and she is going to tell.


  2. Mrs. Rothschild

    I’d heard and read that the ‘burbs are filled with more middle-aged swinger types than the city, and your blog has confirmed this. You and Stephan can meet for kissing trysts, and I suppose you wouldn’t mind if Rob and say, Cari, were meeting to make out. You guys are so free-wheeling!


    1. Cindy McCain

      I think, NO. Stefan is dreamy but not “pretty”… I think she’s talking about one of your girlfriends, maybe someone from spin or something? Don’t get spooked, Lah Lee. You have done nothing wrong and you have nothing to worry about.


  3. Provided by the Management For Your Protection

    Oh my goodness, LahLee – what is one of your fangirls from this blog showed up at your house?? You can find a lot out about people on the internet these days, please be careful!


    1. Big Fan

      I’ve ever been to your house, honest! Of course I drive past occasionally, but only when taking Malaena to her ballet class. And I’m only medium tall.


  4. Yummy Mommy Pregnant Tummy

    Hmmm, maybe she meant Kathy? To someone as ugly as that snake, Karen, I’m sure even plain-looking Kathy seems pretty.



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