Saying Bye Bye

Yesterday Cari called and said I was hogging all of the fun with Kathy, so the three of us went out for a gal pal day.  We took Kathy to Sephora and let the girl with the stupid hair and the nose ring she believes makes her look edgy give her a makeover.  LOL!  You should have seen her with liquid eyeliner.

Then we went out for a lady’s lunch at the club.  Kathy ordered a salad with dressing on it.  Gross.  Have you ever seen anyone do that?  It looked so wet.

Anywho, once again she started boohooing about her marriage.  This time it was all about how she wanted children and Stefan didn’t and how he didn’t respect her career and just wanted her to be free to travel with him all of the time.  Well, that sounds awful.  No kids.  No job.  Travelling the world with your wealthy husband.  Poor Kathy!  Couldn’t you just cry for the hardships she has faced?

Cari is such a sketch.  She immediately started encouraging Kathy to have a child, maybe more than one.  Oh yes!  Children are such a joy, we told her. Maybe she should have several.  “You don’t need a man!”  Cari shouted.  I thought I was going to wet myself.  By the end of lunch we had found the number for social services and convinced her to try to adopt a sibling group.  “Get a bunch of them at once!  You will be doing such a generous thing.”  Cari is hilarious.  She even mentioned that one or two teenagers might be nice.  LOLOLOL!  They could babysit for the younger ones, right?

As much fun as it has been to have Kathy pour out her heart out to me, all good things must come to an end.  She said it was time to go home and find a new place to live.  I called a few rental agents for her and we even looked on Zillow for studio condominiums in depressing complexes near the third rate university where she teaches.  Maybe she can live with one of her students and afford a one bedroom.  LOL.  I think we found one with one of those one piece showers and textured brown carpeting.

Röbert and I took her out to dinner last night.  It was a really nice place, so of course she made her usual effort.  Unfortunately her eyeliner had become smeared when she cried at lunch, so she went out with no makeup, as per usual.

Nice vest, Kathy.  Is Kohls having another sale?

Nice vest, Kathy. Is Kohls having another sale?

She left this morning, but I am looking forward to long phone calls and texts from her.  Now that she has seen the light about Claire I expect we will be hearing from her a lot more.  I can’t wait.



7 thoughts on “Saying Bye Bye

  1. NotaCatLady

    She might need to leave the country for a while and pursue international adoption. I think there might be whole villages available in some parts of the world.


    1. Princess Thigh Gap

      I use to find this amusing but now you are just really being mean spirited. My husband has never left me or whatever , but have you ever thought maybe someone reading this might be having marriage problems? Why don’t you just keep this light and snarky? You have crossed the line from fun and funny to just over the board mean. Let’s lighten this up a bit.


      1. mythreeangles Post author

        Did you really “use” to enjoy my life and now you don’t enjoy my life? I am sorry if my pain is not “fun and funny” enough for you anymore. I certainly will try to wake up tomorrow and think how best to live my life to serve Princess Thigh Gap and her perfect marriage.


      2. Provided by the Management For Your Protection

        I think your thigh gap has become a brain gap, dear. If you don’t like murder, don’t read a murder mystery. Problem solved.


    2. Cindy McCain

      Yes and I think adopting internationally gives you more control. Oh I was livid when John brought that brown one home. I could have chewed nails and spit rust I was so mad. Luckily we have so many houses, when the brown one shows up I just move on to a different house. John understands. Of course I am discreet. We care about our image very much.



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