Guess Who Came to Dinner?

Late this afternoon there was a knock at my front door and some muffled sobbing outside and you won’t even believe who showed up at my home!  Kathy!  She was looking for Röbert and she was crying buckets.

Apparently Stefan left her.  He told her he was in love with someone else, but wouldn’t tell her who.  He also said that the other person was not his reason for leaving her, that he didn’t love her anymore.  Wow!  That must have stung. LOL.

If you dress in lumpy sweaters you don't get to keep cute, rich husbands.

If you dress in lumpy sweaters you don’t get to keep cute, rich husbands.

She asked if she could stay overnight.  What could I say?  I was dying to hear the whole messy story.  I rushed her right up to the guest bedroom and brought her a cold glass of wine and ran her a bath.  I even brought out the nice guest towels and fluffy robe.  LOL.

Then I told her how I had always suspected that Stefan had a thing for her best friend, Claire.  LOL LOL LOL!  Had he been traveling abroad much lately, because I knew Claire had been working on some archaeological thing abroad?  Hahahaha!  Yes, it turns out that Stefan has been doing quite a bit of travel!  LOL a million times.

I left her and called up Le Petit Bistro for some food and gave the children a little mac and cheese and sent them up early.

When Röbert came home I was all solicitous care with Kathy and, of course, he was kind but wanted nothing more than to sit quietly and watch ESPN.  What man wants to listen to someone cry about their failed marriage?  I got her a tiny bit drunk and sent her up to bed.  I couldn’t wait to text Cari and have a good laugh!

4 thoughts on “Guess Who Came to Dinner?

  1. RodanFields

    Oh no, what if he’s a career womanizer and he really is in love with Cari and messing around with you on the side?
    Be sure to score another piece of jewelry, stat!


  2. ConcernedMama2Littles

    I don’t know, LahLee. This seems pretty mean. I’m worried about how mean you’re getting! I’ll say a prayer for you at my ladies’ Bible study tonight…



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