Halloween Party

On Saturday Krystyn organized a last minute Halloween party at her house.  Fortunately I had anticipated it and had costumes ready for Röbby and me.  I had ordered Röbby’s for him to take the children trick or treating, so he was Poseidon, in keeping with the family’s nautical theme. I like to surprise people with cute costumes of a topical nature, so I couldn’t wear the same thing I wore to school.  My costume was surprisingly difficult to find in a sexy version, so I threw it together myself.  I am clever that way, though.

Wallah! Sexy Pope. Cute, right?

Wallah! Sexy Pope. Cute, right?

Unfortunately the only babysitter available last minute was one of the teachers from Hummus’s school, Miss Adaline-Sheba, so it was ixnay on the ostumescay and no trick or treating for the kids.  Oh well, maybe next year. Röbby and I had to sneak out the back door. LOL.

3 thoughts on “Halloween Party

  1. Cindy McCain

    Trick or treating just makes children selfish and full of cavities. Maybe you can start a trend to eliminate trick or treating! It’s basically just socialism anyway. Serves literally no purpose.


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      I don’t mind my children trick or treating as long as I don’t have to be disturbed every 30 seconds to hand a lolly to some sniveling brat. Most of the time it just isn’t convenient for me to take them trick or treating.


  2. NotaCatLady

    Children have such short memories an way. Just tell them every year how much fun they had last year. They will never know they didn’t ever really trick or treat.



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