No Way

I was inside trying to figure out some passwords on Röb’s computer this afternoon (I needed to find some information about our auto insurance and I didn’t want to bother him at work) when Merlin came running in and asked where Daddy is.  I told him he was at work and he ran back outside.  Then Starling also came in looking for Röbert.  Finally Hummus toddled in grunting up a storm.  What on earth could be going on?  I looked out the window and you won’t believe what I saw!  I’ll give you a hint; it is mean and it slithers along the ground.

Oh no. No way, lady!

Oh no. No way, lady!

Starling said she offered her a dollar for MY husband’s phone number.

I opened up the window and called out, “He is not interested, Karen.”  Then I ordered her some Thai food, a few pizzas and an ice cream and cookie delivery from the new grocery store, because it looks like she will be needing to eat her feelings…again.

I wonder what she wants from my husband now.  Some people just don’t respect the sanctity of my marriage.

13 thoughts on “No Way

  1. HotWifeSuperMom

    You don’t have your husband’s passwords? Lol! My husband and I share an email. . Honestly Lah Lee, I can’t believe you and Robbie aren’t closer.

    BTW, I’ve been thinking about those earrings from Stefan, and I hope you made sure the sapphires were real before deciding if you want to leave Robbie.

    Hope Karen or Renata didn’t find your lil blog admitting your flirtation with your hubby’s bestie. I’d imagine that’s what Karen wants to talk to Robbie about.


  2. Mrs. Rothschild

    Is it possible she saw you and Stefan kissing, or even snapped a photo of the kissing and wants to share with Robert? Or maybe she was at the park the day you and Stefan took a walk. Were you making out with Stefan there? I’m sure once you divorce Rob and marry fabulously handsome and wealthy Stefan, she’ll waste no time moving in on Robert. That normally wouldn’t be your problem anymore, but you’ll have to make sure Rob finds a better stepmother for your kids than Karen would be; think of all the junk food she’d feed them!


  3. NotaCatLady

    I’ve watched enough teevee programs to know that you had better get a restraining order soon! You don’t want to be on one of those Dateline murder shows.



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