Big Decisions to Make

I feel like I am on an emotional journey right now, and I just don’t know what to do.

Last weekend Stefan had admitted to me that what I had thought was a fun lil’ flirtation actually meant much more to him. He has developed feelings for me and he wants to explore where that takes us. Of course he has!

Early yesterday morning Stefan came over to pick up Röbert, and he looked terrible.  He clearly has been spending as much time crying as I have this past week.  He and Röbby were headed up to play something called paintball with a group of friends from college, and the place was two hours away.  When they got to their friend Saul’s house, Stefan said he was sick, and turned around to come back here, while the rest of the guys headed off for a day of fun.

I had dropped the kiddos off with their grandmama’s housekeeper for the day.  Did you know that housekeepers normally have Sundays off?  I didn’t.  Fortunately I could tell she was home in her lil’ studio over the garage so I played a lil’ game of ding-dong ditch and turned off my phone.  I am sure it was her pleasure to have three such adorable children for the day.

Stefan and I drove out to a state park where it was mostly poor people so we knew we wouldn’t see anyone we knew and had a nice walk in the beautiful fall weather and spoke about our feelings and plans and desires.

It is surprisingly enjoyable to have a fabulously weatlhy and attractive man tell you how wonderful you are over and over.

It is surprisingly enjoyable to have a fabulously weatlhy and attractive man tell you how wonderful you are over and over.

He wants us to both leave our spouses and be together.  He thinks we could take a few months to travel the world and then come back and get married.  Just think how jealous everyone would be!  In your face, Margie with your stupid annual trips to Disney World!  I could blog about which room service waiter is the most obsequious at the George V while you posted your zillionth picture of the teacup ride.  LOL!

Of course I am not sure what to do because I am so happily, happily married and adore my children and all that.  But we could afford to send Merlin to boarding school and Starling could come visit us on a yacht.

Is it possible to be in love with two men at once?

He also gave me some gorgeous earrings with huge sapphires, but I couldn’t take them.  He said he is keeping them safe for me.

I told him I need time to think and so we are waiting until after the holidays to make our final decision.  I don’t know what to do!  It would be so nice to be really rich.

11 thoughts on “Big Decisions to Make

  1. Supplementary Angels

    Smart choice to wait, girlfriend. Now get you one of those Magnum PI’s stat. Find out if Stefan is really totes loaded and solidity of such before making decisions. Could be one of those pyramidal guys and not in a good way like nail gels, oils, or bags. Especially if Robbie’s bacon has greater growth potential than Stefan’s, KWIM?

    Happiness in marriage is a matter of chance, and let’s not take chances with one’s purse purse strings. Don’t forget that Stefan will have to fork out some fortune to unload Kathy. Maybe you should stick with mistressing for the bling.


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      No. He is rich. I have looked into it before when i was wondering how a pill like Kathy, who could afford anything she wanted, still shopped at Talbot’s. I don’t think she will want much out of the divorce either. She is totally the type to claim to be a feminist and move into a crappy apartment somewhere. She works at this totally stupid job at a dead end college no one as ever heard of just because she has a PhD.


  2. HotWifeSuperMom

    Whenever I have to choose between two men, I just make sure they both know about each other and let the fighting over me commence from there. Typically, the winner is the one who buys me the most expensive stuff. Ughh, poor Robbie doesn’t stand a chance does he? Lol. I wouldn’t worry too much about putting it out there after that whole Karen incident. He’s probably been waiting for you to exact revenge with a lil tryst of your own.


  3. Mrs. Rothschild

    Maybe Robert is happily married to you, but the fact that you’re meeting with Stefan for long walks with the poors and seriously considering running off with him means YOU are not happily married to him. It’s ok, Lah Lee. Maybe it’s time to move on to a new stage in your life. Make sure Cari gets you the number of her divorce attorney. Robert’s probably going to get pretty mad, and well, men in his situation often get vindictive. Be careful.


  4. Melissa

    They are totally setting you up LahLee. Watch out!
    He’s Röbert’s childhood friend and he’s historically had terrible taste in women (over educated feminists with poor dress sense and their own careers and income). He’s setting you up so that Röbert will catch you together and divorce you, leave you with nothing but your wonderful little angles and go back to that awful room mate of Stefan’s wife who had her claws on him when he fell for you.


  5. Equestrian Pilates Mama

    It is absolutely possible to be in love with two people at once, love should be multiplied not divided and all that. Surely I’m not the only one thinking it – Röbert and Stefan could be Brother Husbands!
    I’m sure Miss Sherrilyn would agree.


    1. Cindy McCain

      I like this idea. Why tie yourself down to monogamy, a practice that is only a few hundred years old! Think of the course of human history (note: I do not believe in evolution so just cast your mind back a few thousand years). A woman absolutely can have a big enough heart and just FEEL so much that she can have two (or more!) masculine types (or feminine, whatever, do you) in her life. It’s not your fault you love so much, Lah Lee… you just have a lot of feelings and that’s totally fine!



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