My Academic Superstar

Hummus has just loved going to his school this year.  Sure, he screams like a banshee and clings to me when I drop him off every day and he seems to be hiding under a play structure from his teachers when I come to pick him up, but all children do that.  And, as Miss Sherrilynn says, children need a bit of switchin’ from time to time to beat the devil out of them.

There isn’t much time for play at his school as they all have chores to do, such as fetching well water for the compound, minding the babies, caring for the goats, etc.  I had no idea goats were so feisty.  Hummus comes home with goat bites all over his body several times a week.  But he just loves it there.

The boys all spend a lot of time with their academics while the little girls spend their time “keeping house”.  The tradition in this church is that the children only have a few years of schooling before the girls leave to get married and the boys start raising money for the church through “Godly work” whatever that means.  Hummus is doing really well.  He doesn’t speak yet, but you can see how hard he tries on his little worksheets.

He traced each number and colored in the mommy faces. Adorable!

He traced each number and colored in the mommy faces. Adorable!

9 thoughts on “My Academic Superstar

  1. Momma M

    I take back my suggestion for your halloween costume. You shouldn’t be a sexy refugee, you should be a sexy sister wife! I know you mentioned Hummus’s school doesn’t celebrate Halloween but if they saw how much you respect them by dressing like them, they would just love Saint Lah Lee! I can’t wait to see your costume! Counting down the days…


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      It is harder than you would think to find a slutty sister wife outfit. And when you google it you just get pictures from a tv show of some seriously NOT sexy women and their homeless looking husband.


  2. kelly

    Lah Lee, are you sure you want Hummus to give up education after just a few years??? Very few white-collar jobs require only a few years of schooling. And you don’t want him to have to deal with goats his whole life, do you? It sounds like this school focuses on limits rather than freedom of expression. Maybe a nice Montessori or Waldorf school would help Hummus find his own path in a more socially acceptable way?


      1. kelly

        Two year olds require SO much attention, like a baby, but they aren’t all cute and squishy like babies. And they don’t nap enough. You’re right, there aren’t a lot of good options here. At least he won’t remember any of it, right?

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