A Dinner Treat

Röbert was scheduled to leave for a hiking trip with his friends after dinner tonight.  It has been a while since he has gotten away like this, and I have a babysitter and plans for tomorrow night.

He arrived home from work with a lil’ surprise; Stefan is back in town for work and decided he would pick up Röb so they could drive up together.  Fortunately I always look pretty great, because I wasn’t dressed as if I were expecting a guest!

I sent the children right up to bed with a lil’ extra something in their juice.  They all fell asleep like angles.  Röbert made us some delicious chicken and rice and Stefan threw together a salad while I was upstairs.  Stefan and I didn’t have a second alone, but he kept staring at me and even texted me a couple of times.  Naughty boy!

He looks so handsome in his work clothes and his play clothes.

He looks so handsome in his work clothes and his play clothes.

After dinner the men changed and went out to Stefan’s SUV to load up their stuff.  After they were gone I heard someone come back through the door: it was Stefan.  He said he left his phone behind in purpose, kissed me for a minute or two, and left again.  I can’t believe he did it with Röbert right outside in the truck.

11 thoughts on “A Dinner Treat

  1. kelly

    Lah Lee, you know we all love and admire you. You are an amazing wife, mother and friend, not to mention stylish and elegant. But for the very first time since discovering your wonderful blog I am questioning your choices just a little teensy bit. More kissing with your husband’s dear friend? And while your husband is right nearby? I understand that it’s exciting, and that moms like us (I have little angles too) deserve some fun, some “me” time, considering how much we selflessly devote ourselves to our littles. But don’t you think this is maybe just a teensy little bit risky for your marriage? Not trying to be critical, just some food for thought! I’m worried about you!


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      Thanks Barb. I love my husband, and we are very happy together. Stefan finds me very attractive. His wife is a bitch. He is adorable. I don’t think there is much more to worry about here.


  2. iwassnowyfirst

    What he’s doing is entirely inappropriate! It’s understandable how *any* man would want to make out with you, but it’s incredibly disrespectful to Röbert for him to be making out with Röbert’s wife. (You don’t think he and his wife are swingers, do you?)



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