Seeking Advice

Ever since Wednesday, Stefan and I have been texting each other non-stop.  There is nothing explicit, but he is very flirty with me.  It is exciting and fun, but I feel a tiny bit guilty because we are both married.  I am very happily married.  I am sure Röbert would feel betrayed if he knew we had kissed.  I know I would be very upset if he flirted or even had an affair with my best friend.  I would take it extremely badly and, despite keeping up a brave front, I would lose confidence in myself and feel absolutely terrible for a long, long time afterward, even if he ended the affair  I think something like that would be the worst blow I could imagine.  I would be tempted to give him a bit of his own medicine if he ever did that to me, which I am sure he never would.

On the other hand, it delights me to think of that bitch, Kathy, discovering that her husband doesn’t love her anymore.  I would like to be there for that lil’ revelation.

Anywho, I had a lil’ sit-down with Cari over a lush’s lunch (martini’s with two olives for sustenance!) this afternoon.  I knew that Krystyn would disapprove of the flirtation, since Luke had several affairs before leaving her for his Muy Thai instructor, but Cari is very European in her thinking.  I knew she would have some good advice about my situation.

It is nice to have such a wonderful friend. Karen turned out not to be so trustworthy in the end.

It is nice to have such a wonderful friend. Karen turned out not to be so trustworthy in the end.

Cari saw the photos of Stefan and some pictures of his homes and cars and then looked up his net worth online and said she thought it would be fine to continue a little harmless flirting.  Maybe it might even spice things up with Röbert, if you know what I mean!  I guess I will just continue my little texting friendship for now.


20 thoughts on “Seeking Advice

  1. Busymamainthecityasafamily

    Their is nothing wrong with a lil flirting and if your getting sum gifts to all the better!!! Sounds like someone is neglecting her widely duty’s if her husband needs to look elsewhere!!!!


  2. suzy

    Well i always say what goes around comes around again. Not that your R goes around a lot with women. I’m sure he’s super loyal.

    You have bad luck with K names! Good thing your good friend Cari is a C.


  3. Fern

    Hmm, they do say that revenge is a dish best served cold. It was smart of you to wait a while after his “flirtation” with Karen before striking back.


  4. Cindy McCain

    How lovely that you have such a good friend who can help you work through the pros and cons of this little relationship you have developing. I know you would never cheat on BobbyBaby, of course not! But what’s wrong with a little harmless fun? I would never cheat on John but he IS very rich and important so that would be like shooting myself right in my own beautiful foot!


      1. Momma M

        What a beautiful name! Vicodin. So WASPy and classic. A friend of mine was considering Mary Jane for her lil bebe but hasn’t made any decisions yet. I’ll add this to her list!



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