Water Play

One of the things that Hummus likes best about his new school is the river that runs behind the playground.  He always asks to play in it, but of course  I never thought they would let him.  This afternoon when I arrived a couple of minutes early for pick-up, they had all of the children who don’t belong to their church playing in the water.  I wasn’t concerned because there were a lot of adults down there watching and supervising (and for some reason, praying)  Hummus was wearing some clothes that belong to the school (he must have run through all of the changes of clothing I left with him…this potty training is hard!) and was watching while the teachers appeared to be teaching the “worldly” children to swim. The children of the church members were up on the playground, also praying.

I am not sure about who is who at this particular church, because I have heard that the Reverend Wattle is married to Hummus’s teacher, but then I have heard his name mentioned as the husband of several women.  Maybe Miss Sherrilynn is just his daughter.  Anywho, he was down there and taking each child and shouting “I cast you out, Satan!  Satan, I cast you out!” and dunking the child in the water to learn to swim.  I was delighted, because Hummus won’t ever let his face get wet, even in the tub, but Reverend Wattle just dunked him right under.

A lil' fun in the river today.

My lil’ fundie!  He looked considerably less delighted after his swim lesson.

I wonder why they decided to teach them to swim on such a chilly day?  I would have asked, but I had to get Hummus over to the babysitter before book club.

12 thoughts on “Water Play

      1. Momma M

        I can’t believe anyone would accuse your son of being Mormom, Lah Lee! Clearly, Hummus was just baptized into the FLDS church. I couldn’t imagine two faiths bring more different. I’m surprised your so supportive of a river baptism, though. My neighbor’s church uses a small font but I know so much better than that and use a combination of oils – lavender, peppermint, frankenstein, and chili powder – at my home, with my help meet’s blessing, of course.

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    1. mythreeangles Post author

      Yes, but Hummus is also at a very exclusive private nursery school, which is also important. None of that foolish play time for the boys at this school. He already has 4 workbooks and his own lil’ desk.


  1. Maisiesmommy

    What a special memory for Hummus! So good of you to take a few photos. And so lucky you found such a good daycare! Maybe you should invite his teacher over for drinks?



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