Dog Training

Beefeater just might the smartest boy in my house.  He knew enough to run away from Karen (over and over again) and he took to agility courses like a teenaged girl to an eating disorder.

Merlin has several science fair projects he is working on, and one involves Beefeater.  He told me he was going to teach Beefy to “speak”.  I was pretty excited because, just imagine; I could send the dog out to observe our neighbors and report back.  It turns out that he is just trying to get Beefeater to touch different computer things with his nose when he wants to go out or eat or something.  Apparently it would be helpful for me to watch him do this all day long.  I am busy!  Hummus goes to school now and I have to meet with the PTO and book club and Pilates won’t be much without me there.

Merlin sure loves that dog.

Merlin sure loves that dog.

Instead of me working with Beefeater all week, Merlin has been working with him on the weekends and after school.  Merlin is also growing some kind of aquatic parasite in the basement.  He had better win something good for all of the inconvenience this is causing me.

4 thoughts on “Dog Training

  1. 12thFetus4Jesus

    Are you sure about any residual chemicals in Merlin’s new room? He’s dressed to go surfing but he’s not at the beach. And Beefeater looks ready for Mardi Gra. That’s not for a really long time. I just hope everything is okay.


  2. Cindy McCain

    What a darling, shabby garden shed. What are you growing in there, Lah Lee? A lil supplemental income? HAHAHA. Of course I would never smoke pot. Pills have gone through the FDA so they’re totally safe. Weed is just A WEED and who KNOWS what kind of poisons are in there. Better stick to the safety of the orange prescription bottle!

    Merlin looks adorable and Beefeater looks like Beefeatress in that tutu!



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