Merlin’s New Digs

I am almost finished with getting Merlin’s new room all set up.  It was formerly some kind of utility closet, with a sink and shelves where the previous owners stored garden chemicals and rodent poison and that sort of thing.  We took out the sink and added a clothing rack for me to keep my out of season clothes in there once the chemical smell dissipates.  I think having the clothes above his bed will make it cozy at night for my big boy.  Because it is in the hallway he will have to keep it extremely tidy, but I am so pleased with how it looks so far!

Very grown up and understated!

Very grown up and understated!

There isn’t room for a desk, but he can study anywhere!

14 thoughts on “Merlin’s New Digs

  1. Big Fan

    Aw, such a quaint little room. I’m sure Harry will be really cosy in there. And boys spend such a lot of time outdoors that he’ll hardly need to be there unless he’s in bed! We’ve just had our kiddy bedrooms redone too, only the best bespoke furniture for our two!
    So what creative thing are you doing with his old bedroom?


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      I am sure he loves looking at those sheets. I have him throw a quilt over it at night and he sleeps in a sleeping bag. I wanted him to sleep on the floor next to the bed, but it was a tiny little bit tight.


  2. Mom2Lex+Zander

    I thought you lived in the burbs? My favorite thing about having moved out of the city after we were blessed with Zander is having more bedrooms than family members!


  3. NotaCatLady

    Maybe you’ll get lucky and Merlin will get an invitation to some exclusive boarding school just like that Potter kid. Isn’t he a wizard at math or something? Our
    state takes those math and science kids and puts them in boreding school all the time. His new lil room would make an excellent gift wrap station or an arts and scrap booking space where you can spend some quality me time.



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