Starling’s School Programs

Starling’s school year has not been perfect so far.  The peer group they set up for her is pure torture.  She wanted the group to include some of her friends, like Amber and Alcott, but she is stuck with the likes of Fat Alice (who is skinny now, but still thinks like a fat girl), Julia and Sylvia.  They meet one day a week at lunch in the counselor’s office.  The counselor is a bit, I don’t know, enthusiastic?  He has the kids call him “Ted”, which makes Starling very uncomfortable.  The girls had to come up with things like a name for their group (Starling suggested “Bunch-o-losers” since she thought it would be funny and ironic but she said “Ted” told her that bummed him out).   They are calling themselves “Best Buddies In the Universe”.  I don’t blame her for hating it.  They also made up secret handshakes and waves and they do them all of the time on the playground and in between classes and she just wants to die of embarrassment.

This afternoon is her first drama class after school.  Let’s hope that goes better.  Miss Cole is teaching it with her roommate, who she met while performing in musical theater in college.  I let Starling wear a special dance costume to school, so she could feel confident for her first class.

She normally doesn't get to have dance wear on at school, but I made an exception today.

She normally doesn’t get to have dance wear on at school, but I made an exception today.

5 thoughts on “Starling’s School Programs

  1. Mme LeFaux

    Your lil’ Starvling just radiates charisma! And her costume is tres chic; I’ve heard that pleather is the new vinyl. Her lil’ friends must be so jealoux!


  2. NotaCatLady

    You should get her one of those outfits that Miley Cyrus wore on that TV show. If it’s good enough for prime time, surely it will work at school. Or get one of those mesh things that the Kardashions wear over their underwear. They go to fabulous restaurants in those mesh clothes. Doesn’t that school know what the popular kids wear these days?



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