Preschool is Essential

My lil’ Hummus is already learning so many interesting things in preschool.  Many of his classmates have two or three Mommies (in one case 12!) and just one Daddy, so it is a very diverse population. He is learning some interesting ideas about a coming apocalypse and just exactly who will be saved (no foreigners, buh-bye Renata!).  He has some new hymns that we have never heard before and he is starting to object to Starling and I eating before all the boys have finished their meals. He is like a sponge picking up all of these new ideas and explaining them to me in his adorable grunts and hand signals.  The problem we were having with him sleeping too much is also cured, because he is so terrified of the plague of locusts and the horsemen they talk about all day that he can’t sleep at all!

His teacher, Sherilynn Wattle, has a book she wasnts me to read called "Why Wordly Things is Wrong".  Maybe I can siuggest it for book club this month.

His teacher, Sherrilynn Wattle, has a book she wants me to read called “Why Wordly Things is Wrong”. Maybe I can suggest it for book club this month.

All of the other moms at the gym were so jealous when they heard that I had found an all-day preschool program for Hummus that they all want their little ones to enroll too.  Unfortunately the families in the church tend to have many children, so there were just a couple of spots left.  They now have a long waiting list and Hummus is suddenly in the most exclusive preschool in town!

7 thoughts on “Preschool is Essential

  1. 12thFetus4Jesus

    Do they expect parents to volunteer at this preschool? Those would indeed be the days of “trials and tribulations”.

    Be careful, though, Lah Lee- you don’t want Hummus picking up any bad style choices from his classmates and his teacher. Her shoes could be in an issue of Kinfolk but that dress wouldn’t even look good on Karen.

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    1. Cindy McCain

      Wow what the heck is Kinfolk….I Binged it but all I saw was something about “slow living” before it crashed my browser. It sounds terrifying. Is it for giant sea turtles? They live pretty slow.


  2. Provided by the Management For Your Protection

    I’m concerned about the lessons Hummus might be learning at this school. I mean, what if learns that women’s hair looks good if it’s “styled” like that teacher’s?!?! I shudder to think of what kind of girl he might bring home someday if his teacher role model is dressed and styled like that…

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