A Lil’ Disappointment

I was so excited about the new mascot for Donald Rumsfeld Elementary School that I forgot to run it by anyone in the administration.  Honestly, I didn’t even know that I had to!  The drunken Donald Rumsfeld was so cute and I thought we could have one of the dads put on round wire glasses and a grey wig and play him at special events.  Mrs. Swedburg loved my creativity, but thought the theme might be too adult for the younger grades. Fortunately, I only purchased a few of the t-shirts and I was going to order the rest once we knew how many we sold.

So it was back to the ol’ drawing board for Madam Vice President this morning.  I still think a tiger is stupid mascot so I tweaked it just a tiny bit this time.  I decided we should do a cute nod to all of the divorced moms at our school so I changed the mascot to a cougar.  Cute, right?  And cougars are almost like tigers.

Yesterday I was told to just go ahead and order 500 t-shirts in a variety of sizes and we will do a second order if we need it.  I think everyone is going to love these!

These are such fun!  I'll bet we sell right out.

These are such fun! I’ll bet we sell right out.


7 thoughts on “A Lil’ Disappointment

  1. PSL Mama

    Do they know how lucky they are to have you Lah Lee?! I never wear school shirts (ICK! so suburban and middle class) but I bet some of the gross basic Moms you describe at the school will buy them right up! Is Hummus still napping a lot? Maybe his new school wears him out. Is he still doing tennis? He has been on my mind and in my prayers lately. I guess 9/11 made me think of him especially. Sometimes, his name just reminds me of a terrorist. Now that I think about it, I am surprised you did not do a post about 9/11. All the other bloggers seemed to work it in somehow.


  2. Cindy McCain

    Those are adorable! Can we add graphic design to your long list of many talents, Lah Lee? So amazing! Now I’m not sure what a cougar is 😉 but my Jack sure has some good-lookin army friends! I love a man in uniform!


  3. Jumped the Sheep

    Ludmilla is right! Cari doesn’t seem to be as dedicated as you are and you’re the one with the ideas. Maybe she’ll pick it back up now that she’s back from Burning Men?



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