Friday Night Circus

The budget the school gave me for the faculty party was ridiculous.  Last year my understanding was that it was held in the past president’s yard with a keg and a boom box, and still the board all had to chip in.

That was not going to happen on my watch.  I wanted to do something middle eastern with all of the cute girls doing belly dances etc, but the cost of the carpets to cover the lawn was astronomical.

Merlin suggested we have a circus theme, which seemed kind of trite until Starling pointed out how colorful it could be.  So circus it was.  I contacted Cari’s friend at the party rental place and he found us a circus tent that he let us have for free with the table and linen rental.

It looked so cute when Krystyn and I finished decorating.

Such fun! And like Merlin pointed out, school is crazy and scary like a circus sometimes.

Such fun! And like Merlin pointed out, school is crazy and scary like a circus sometimes.

It was just cocktails with heavy appetizers and a small three piece country group playing live. Margie was of course angry that her husband’s band wasn’t asked to play, but honestly? No.

I found a steal on a darling jumpsuit for the evening.

I love a good bargain! I didn't spill a thing on it so I may return it today.

I love a good bargain! I didn’t spill a thing on it so I may return it today.

Of course Röbert always looks great!



Merlin painted a couple of those cutouts for photo ops.  I thought they were kind of embarrassing, so I set them up across the yard from the party, but once the teachers got started, whoa nellie, they were ready to party.

LOL Ty! Never change!

LOL Ty! Never change!

Ty came alone.  So sad.  I wish he could find a nice girl.  Starling’s teacher, Ms Cole, brought her roommate who is a lawyer, and absolutely beautiful.  I wonder if she knows Ty?  They would make a wonderful couple.

I like to make a signature cocktail for my parties and last night was “Juggler’s Punch”.  I made up the recipe myself.

Juggler’s Punch

Fill glass with crushed ice.

Pour in vodka.

Garnish with a twist of lime and 3 cranberries.

It was a big hit!

I sent out bills to all of the board members to chip in this morning.  Last year the cost per person was $15 and this year it is quite a bit more.  I think I will keep my phone off for the day!


9 thoughts on “Friday Night Circus

      1. What the what...?

        The pants are fine! He would fit right in at the Kennedy Compound. Wait – are you a Kennedy? It would not surprise me given how impressive you are! And your parenting style is not too far off from Ethel’s mantra!


      1. RodanFeels

        All the frat boys, lawyers and trust fund sailboaters around here wear them!

        But then again, Robert does seem to have a more…curated, European, almost fussy sartorial style. Lol!



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