Arduous Work

This morning, when I dropped by the school to tell some other parents what to do, I was asked by Miss Laphem, the school secretary,  where Cari has been.  The school has been trying to reach her and of course she is off the grid at Burning Man.

When I tried to explain how Burning Man was an amazing, conciousness raising event, Miss Laphem actually quite rudely interupted me and informed me that there was a PTO meeting in one hour.  I was surprised.  I thought that schedule of meetings was just a guideline, and Cari and I could say when and where we want to meet.  Apparently not.  I tried to explain how I had barre and then a luncheon with my book club and then cross fit and Miss Laphem replied, “Well then Cari had better get her ass home from Burning Man, hadn’t she.”

Wow.  Just wow.  I had no Idea Miss Laphem could be so spicy.

What else could I do?  I ran home and changed into a more PTO vice presidential outfit and headed back.  Thank God Krystyn was in charge of the agenda, because otherwise I would have been lost.

I was pretty late, but it is never too late for a selfie when you are wearing a cute new outfit.

I was pretty late, but it is never too late for a selfie when you are wearing a cute new outfit.

It turns out that Cari and I were also supposed to be planning a party for the faculty this Friday.  It is an annual event called “Second Friday”, although I am sure I can come up with something better, and when I was asked where it was going to be I had no idea and blurted out, “My house.”  Oh dear.  I guess I’d better call some caterers.

12 thoughts on “Arduous Work

  1. RodanFeels

    At first I was surprised that you’d support Burning Man with all the dirty hippies and bug swarms this year, but then I noticed the pot leaves on your scarf. You’re so fashionable AND progressive, LL!

    Tell the hired bartender to overpour. You want all the real dirt from the teachers! Haha.


  2. Rose Lens

    I’m sorry, not sorry, but that school secretary crossed a line with her attitude and language. How does a SECRETARY have the right to mouth off to you? You pay taxes. You are the parent. You are more important then a paper jockey to a Principal. Wouldn’t it be interesting if someone reported her behavior to the local papers?


  3. Jumped the Sheep

    I’m sure you will throw the party to end all parties. Hope you don’t keep the oldies next door (aka Karen) up with your enjoyment.

    I am shocked at the attitude of a SECRETARY. Sit back down and take dictation and leave the leadership to the appropriate parties.


  4. NotaCatLady

    Do you have the photographer booked? Without pictures, it didn’t happen! And cutte outfits and maybe a special rented sofa?


  5. Julia Rainbow

    See if Cari can bring you back some ayahuasca from Burning Man. You can serve it at the next teachers meeting and maybe loosen up Miss Cole.



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