A Little Attention for Starling

I hate to say it, but I really felt like the school dropped the ball last year with our family.  All year long it was phone call after phone call about Merlin, “Oh hi, Lah Lee.  Merlin is winning another award on Thursday, can you possibly make it to the awards ceremony?  It would mean so much to him.”  Right.  He never even noticed that I wasn’t there, and my spin class would certainly have noticed if the pace leader was not in the front row!  All I ever heard about Starling were complaints that she was mean or complaints that she was picking on others.  I tried explaining to her teacher and the principal that Starling was actually the one being bullied.  The other kids, and even their parents, were all ganging up on her about being a bully, and it was so hard for her.

I was pleased earlier this week to get a phone call from Mrs. Swedburg, the principal, saying that she and Miss Cole, Starling’s teacher, would like to have a little sit down with me this morning to discuss the social aspects of Starling’s school year.  Finally!

I went in with a small list of things we needed from the school.  I feel strongly that Starling and Amber need to be in the same class, and that Starling needs more outlets for personal expression.  I was surprised that they actually had what they called a “plan of action”.  Apparently they have set up a special “social group” for Starling and she is going to meet with a special counselor twice a week to talk about her feelings.  While I am not pleased with all of the members of the “social group” (Fat Alice?  Really?)  I understand that they feel the need to be inclusive, and I think it will be fun for Starling to have the special attention of the counselor.

Miss Cole is also starting a theater group at the school, which will meet during lunches a couple of times a week, and she already had Starling on her list of participants.  How nice that they started a special club for my special girl.  I am sure all of the other attractive children will enjoy the opportunity to be on stage too!

When Starling got home this afternoon I told her all of the good news.  She said she hates Miss Cole and does not want to have any part of her dumb theater, but when I explained how it could eventually lead to Hollywood stardom, she was more excited.

Mommy!  I am home!

Mommy! I am home!

I just have a feeling it is going to be a great year for my special lil’ angle!


12 thoughts on “A Little Attention for Starling

  1. SugarToes

    This blossoming theatre career is soooo exciting! And the perfect excuse for you and her to go and get some special mommy/daughter head shots done! I know that you just had yours done recently, but really, one can never have too many professional head shots!!


  2. greenvneck

    Starling could be the next Best Actress when she hits Hollywood! And how adorable would the two of you be in matching gowns on the red carpet??


  3. George & Lottie's Mummy

    This is good news! You must be so relieved that the school has finally come up with some strategies to tackle Starling’s behaviour. I am sure she will settle into her social group and into the team work for the theatre group.


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      LOL! You must be kidding. Starling was bullied all of last year. They are working to tackle the bullying behavior of Starling’s classmates and give my lil’ angle the respect and admiration she deserves.


  4. Princess Thigh Gap

    Omg ! I really think you HAVE to take her to auditions. You two could be the next super talented Lindsey Lohan and Dina. Just image all the praise and accolades you finally deserve . I can just so see her in T.v. Then on to movies. You could be the next momanger that beats out Kris Jenner( don’t get me wrong, Kris is the best mom evah!)


  5. Supplementary Angels

    Starling has all the makings of a star–pretty, appropriate thigh gap, great emotional range. I just know she’ll be famous, and not kardashian-famous be reesewitherspoon famous. Have you thought about bleaching her hair blond? All the cute stars are blond, and right now she’s more annehathaway than reese, and no one wants that!

    OMG–it would be so majorly adorbs if Starling and Fat Alice were in, lie an odd couple type play. Starling would rally shine in comparison!!!! As long as “Fatlice” didn’t go all Rebel Wilson on her…


  6. Princess Thigh Gap

    Don’t dye her hair violet! That is so D list and she is A list. Keep up the work with her diet. Remember when Kate Moss was heroin pretty? Not advocating drugs, but really those were her best years. Also fainting on the red carpet could get her A LOT of extra coverage. She is such a star.



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