A Beachy Surprise

This morning, as he was leaving for an agitility show with Beefy, Röbert mentioned that Ty had called the other day and offered to take Merlin hiking with him today.  What a relief!  Merlin has been talking about some sort of invention he wanted to work on and I am pretty sure he expected me to take him to the hobby shop for a few items this morning.  My worst nightmare.  I ran out while the kids were still asleep, and grabbed some bread and preserves and butter so i could have a lil’ breakfast snack ready for Ty when he arrived.  Men!  He ate it right up!  Merlin was thrilled, I was thrilled and Ty looked pretty pleased to see his lil’ buddy again too.  They were heading over to pick up the twins and the chubby girl with glasses too.  Poor Ty.

Merlin completely forgot about the stupid invention when he heard about Ty's plans. Thank goodness!

Merlin completely forgot about the stupid invention when he heard about Ty’s plans. Thank goodness!

Since we wouldn’t be stuck with Merlin all day, I decided to take the other two to the beach with me.  They both seemed a lil’ congested on the way over, so I put the teensiest bit of benadryl in their water bottles to help them out.  They sure were tired out from all our fun yesterday I guess.  They both slept the day away.  They lay in the lil’ beach tent and I was able to surf and paddleboard and read my magazines.  What a glorious day!

The water is perfect and so is my tan. Come on in!

The water is perfect and so is my tan. Come on in!

I rushed home and made a homemade looking dinner for everyone.  Röbby asked Hummus and Starling what they had done all day and they had no idea.  LOL!  We went to the beach, sillies!

Just for fun, I enetered Hummus in a “cutest kid” contest yesterday.  If you want to vote for him, here is a link.  I think he is the cutest kid in the universe, of course.


17 thoughts on “A Beachy Surprise

  1. Supplementary Angels

    Totes voted for Hummus–can you vote more than once? I’m willing to try from my phone and tablet if you can. This is such a great opportunity for using the powers of democracy that bless our country, way better and cooler than actually voting for senators and stuff.

    I hear that paddleboarding is great for your core, and that you should do it in a bikini so you can see if your abodominals are getting activitied. What’s your goto source for homemade meals, as my kids are getting too fat from too much five buck pizza.


  2. Nevaeh and Brecken's Mommy

    The beach sure does tire kids out doesn’t it?! It really would have been impossible to supervise the two of them if they hadn’t been napping though. Plus they would have got so much sand in your car from playing in it. Sounds like the perfect turn of events.


  3. Jules

    So glad to see you are covering up at the beach, yo! So important to shield from sun damage, and after a certain age, it starts to get a lil tacky to show all the goods in public. I know you’re in great shape for a mama of 3, but the world doesn’t need to see all your stretch marks and tummy “cushion”, amirite? Good job, gal! Lookin’ lovely as always! 😘


  4. Mrs. Rothschild

    Your home always looks amazing! You must have a bit of the designer in you since your house looks like a different home in every photo. I love the sunflowers in the enamelware vase on the kitchen table. So K I N F O L K. You’re always on trend, Lah Lee. Is that an Ace & Jig rashguard you’re wearing in the beach pic?


  5. Jumped the Sheep

    There are multiple pictures of precious little Hummus so I guess you can vote multiple times. I’ve voted and am firmly #teamhummus.

    Totally agree with Jules on covering up at the beach, especially as we age. The better we take care of ourselves, the longer our youth will last. The last thing anyone wants is to look like a cruise person…


    1. Cindy McCain

      I value your contributions, Jules. Lah Lee could use a little “hosting skills” brushup, don’t you think? Perhaps you touched a nerve. We all have little areas we are sensitive about. For example, please don’t mention Vicodin to me.


      1. mythreeangles Post author

        I was not responding to Jules’s recent post persay, but rather to her history of posting crazy stuff in the comments on my blog. I would just hit the moderate button on her every damned time, but I think it is educational for my other readers to see the kind of haters I deal with every day. She often calls me out for not dressing well, she refers to my darling daughter as “Starving” which is just plain mean. I don’t think it is nice to pick on children the way she does. She makes ridiculous suggestions, like I should bribe a school to get my son into it. Hummus will get into school on his own abundant merits thank you very much. She also thinks that Renata is attractive. Get yourself to the eye doctor! Here is a recent example of her “valuable contributions”:

        “The truth sometimes hurts. All I’m sayin’ is that it *might* be time to change your style icon from, like, Katie Perry to Courtney Cox. Not full Blanche Devereaux or Helen Mirrin (we’re not there YET lolol) but let’s face it: You’re not a spring chicken. And that’s ok!

        I mean, you’re still a nice lookin’ gal, don’t get me wrong, but there’s nothing more pathetic than an aging mom who tries to look like a teenager. Like the mutton vs. lamb thing, kwim? Just looking out for you Lah Lee! It’s time to embrace hi rise jeans. Trust me. (((Lah Lee)))”

        Bitch, please. I am a feminist and I think it is shady to criticize other women based on their appearance, and I look good for any age.

        Jules needs to take her basic self and show it the door. Thx, buh bye.


  6. Cindy McCain

    Well I voted for little Human again. I started poking around the website and last month’s winner is a nice-enough looking girl dolled up like an ABSOLUTE TRAMP! What kind of website is this, Lah Lee? I hope it’s not virusing my CPU or anything hinky!

    I’m not sure what the point of the contest is, anyway? Don’t you think Human is cute or at least tolerable? Do you need external validation of your maternal feelings? That place looks like an appetizer buffet for pedophiles.



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